Happitat: Bangkok's New Happiness Destination in 2024

Happitat: Bangkok's New Happiness Destination in 2024

Discover Happitat, the upcoming happiness attraction redefining joy in Bangkok next year.

Happitat at The Forestias has launched as a new festival landmark attraction, delivering "Happiness for All," with its success at Awakening Bangkok 2023. Its "Happiness is Happiness Dome" provided an incredible immersive experience of happiness in all dimensions, heralding its real-world debut in mid-2024.

Ms. Orada Kerdhong, President of Storied Place, which develops spaces under the concept of "Happiness For All," mentioned that Happitat participated in Awakening Bangkok 2023 with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), and various partners from November 24 to December 3, 2023.

"We received a wonderful response to the 'Happitat: Happiness is Happening Dome' at the Octagon Pavilion in Saranrom Park. Taking part in the annual festival is an important step for us in creating happiness for the people of Bangkok, both Thais and tourists," she said.

"Happitat simulated the experience of happiness at Happitat at The Forestias, allowing visitors to preview relaxation in the forest of happiness, enjoying the sound of birds singing, lying down and gazing at the stars, watching the trees sway, and savouring the unique fragrances of the forest created from all the woodland plants of The Forestias, a scent that can only be experienced at Happitat.

"All the dome's nature-inspired immersive experiences are what Happitat has prepared to thrill and delight everyone at The Forestias. Happitat has collaborated with new and established artists such as Ms. Pawimol Samsen and Mr. Chayanon T. Charoen from 27 JUNE Studio. The entire experience at Awakening Bangkok 2023 is a warm-up for everyone before the full real-world experience next year.

"Happitat at The Forestias aims to create wonderful experiences and enchant visitors as 'The Landmark of Joyful Celebration Destination.' Happitat will work with national and global artists, bringing world-class entertainment to present a complete destination of happiness beyond imagination.

"Happitat will be a place people want to keep coming back to. Each time, you'll find new experiences from activities held throughout the year, supporting the lifestyles of families and people of all generations. Our goal is to thrill and delight everyone with all that they experience on each visit.

"If you experienced the joyful Halloween and Christmas celebrations at The Forestias, you can look forward to fabulous times at Happitat, the happiness destination for all generations, starting in the middle of next year. We believe that joy comes in many forms, delivered each day to bring unprecedented happiness to Bangna," Ms. Kerdhong said.

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