EA and FTI Phuket Partner for Green Tourism

EA and FTI Phuket Partner for Green Tourism

EA signs MOU with Federation of Thai Industries Phuket (FTI Phuket) to co-create Green Island; Low Carbon City, a prototype eco-tourism destination.

Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA) has signed an MOU with the Federation of Thai Industries Phuket to jointly support the creation of a low-carbon green city. EA's CEO, Somphote Ahunai, announces comprehensive cooperation to propel Phuket towards becoming a prototype world-class eco-tourism destination, while extending the Green Business Platform to other provinces to expedite Thailand's journey to carbon neutrality.

Mr. Somphote Ahunai, CEO of EA, disclosed that the MOU with FTI Phuket envisions collaboration on "Supporting Phuket to Become Green Island; Low Carbon City" to promote tourism and business industries in Phuket while fostering environmental sustainability. The goal is to transform Phuket into a green island, a low-carbon city with an environmentally friendly infrastructure ready to welcome tourists from around the globe.

The EA group is dedicated to aiding Thailand in its transition toward carbon neutrality, identifying Phuket as an ideal locale to champion such initiatives owing to its status as a renowned tourist destination. Consequently, Phuket serves as the inaugural and prototype province that EA will support comprehensively in advancing carbon neutrality initiatives.

To facilitate Phuket's transformation into the Green Island; Low Carbon City, the EA group is poised to collaborate with the public and private sectors, as well as FTI Phuket, to invest in and support Green Logistics and Green Electricity initiatives on the island, including:

1. Implementing Green Electricity solutions at Phuket International Airport to reduce carbon emissions.

2. Encouraging the adoption of EVs for transportation purposes in Phuket.

3. Establishing EA Anywhere electric vehicle charging stations across Phuket.

4. Promoting water-based tourism through the use of E-Ferry services.

5. Investing in a high-efficiency waste-to-energy power plant at the Phuket Municipality Waste Disposal Centre.

6. Providing consultancy and investment for Smart City initiatives prioritising Green Logistics and Green Electricity.

The EA group anticipates commencing multiple Carbon Neutral projects concurrently within the current year, supported by both public and private sectors in Phuket, to enhance the island's environment and propel it toward becoming a premier destination for eco-conscious travellers. Moreover, the EA group aims to extend the Green Business Platform developed in Phuket to other provinces, positioning Thailand as a global leader in achieving Carbon Neutrality ahead of schedule.

"The EA group is committed to supporting Phuket's transformation into a Green Island; Low Carbon City, elevating its tourism and business sectors to world-class standards. We stand ready to collaborate with the public sector, private sector, and FTI Phuket to bolster and invest in Green Logistics and Green Electricity initiatives throughout Phuket. Additionally, we aim to replicate the success of the Green Business Platform in Phuket across other provinces, propelling Thailand towards early Carbon Neutrality," stated Mr. Somphote Ahunai.

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