'Kidz Village' Fosters Nature-Based Learning for Children

'Kidz Village' Fosters Nature-Based Learning for Children

Exploring "Kidz Village": How nature observation equips children with essential life skills

In today's fast-paced world, parents are increasingly concerned about how best to prepare their children for the future while ensuring their well-being. "Kidz Village International Kindergarten," an early learning centre offering an English curriculum designed for young learners, addresses these concerns. The school is dedicated to leveraging the natural environment as a powerful educational tool, enabling children to experience real-world learning. This approach helps students grasp the natural cycle and fosters a deep understanding of their environment. The school's philosophy aims to lay the groundwork for students to grow into environmentally responsible adults, captured by the motto, 'Happy learning in a natural environment supports children to become lifelong learners.'

Situated in the serene Phutthamonthon Sai 2 area, "Kidz Village International Kindergarten" is strategically located away from the city's hustle and ensures a calm atmosphere conducive to family time and hassle-free pick-ups.

With more than a decade of experience, the school's leadership has transformed a 7-rai estate into a thriving educational environment, home to over 300 species of plants. This living classroom not only enriches the curriculum but also instils in children the importance of environmental stewardship, harmony with nature, and the observance of life cycles.

The estate's abundant greenery ensures a supply of fresh air unparalleled by any other school, promoting a healthy and symbiotic relationship with nature. The school's infrastructure is thoughtfully designed to be child-friendly and positioned in a tranquil setting, far from busy streets, capable of accommodating up to 120 students from Toddler 1 to K3. Each student enjoys a generous amount of space, reflecting the school's commitment to quality education.

Cherry-Nantaporn Lertprasertkong, the School Director, notes, "In Thailand, there is often a disconnect between children and their natural surroundings. Our project-based curriculum encourages active learning through engagement with nature, moving beyond simple memorisation. Questions about everyday natural phenomena lead to immersive lessons, prompting students to learn through exploration and concrete experiences. Our educators support this learning journey by fostering inquiry, observation, and detailed exploration within a structured framework, cultivating a genuine appreciation for knowledge."

Kidz Village emphasises a collaborative approach to child development, involving both parents and teachers in the educational process through activities and workshops. This partnership enriches the learning experience and integrates community knowledge into the curriculum.

Cherry-Nantaporn adds, "Our curriculum, based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and adhering to British standards, is tailored for the crucial early years of life. Led by Principal Teacher Cheryl, with over two decades of international experience, our program champions the 'Golden Period' of childhood, promoting challenging tasks and new discoveries that foster language development, awareness, and social skills."

Graduates of "Kidz Village International Kindergarten" leave with a solid foundation in essential life skills, independence, curiosity, and confidence, ready to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

For more details about "Kidz Village International Kindergarten," please contact us at 02888-3336-7 or 090-9753007, visit our Facebook page, or find us on Google Maps.

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