Enhancing Healthcare for Muslim Communities: Partnership Announcement
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Enhancing Healthcare for Muslim Communities: Partnership Announcement

Phyathai Nawamin Hospital collaborates with Krirk University to sign an MOU for academic cooperation aimed at enhancing care for Muslim Thai patients and Middle Eastern populations.

"As we mark the 29th year since the establishment of Phyathai Nawamin Hospital, we remain dedicated to providing patient care for nearly three decades. Our commitment to continuous improvement aims to establish us as a leading hospital on the eastern side of Bangkok, consistently delivering high-quality medical services. We are pleased to announce the launch of our joint initiative, focusing on knowledge sharing in healthcare services, particularly as a provider of Halal Healthcare."

Dr. Jumpol Singhirunnusorn, Director of Phyathai Nawamin Hospital, outlined the genesis of the partnership with Krirk University, emphasizing the hospital's increasing Muslim clientele, both Thai and foreign, particularly from the Middle East. The continuing trust and growing numbers of this clientele underscore the hospital's crucial role in healthcare delivery. The hospital aims to provide personalised healthcare experiences, guided by the principle of not only treating patients but also addressing their unique needs. Consequently, they established an academic collaboration with Krirk University, a prominent Thai educational institution with an International Islamic College in Bangkok and an Arabic language centre. The objective is to promote collaboration in Halal healthcare services across language, religion, and culture, striving for enhanced service delivery in line with ethical values.

Dr. Pornnapa Saetung, Medical Director at Phyathai Nawamin Hospital, stated that the hospital has enhanced the quality of care by developing various aspects of service management. This includes strengthening nursing department systems to ensure comprehensive operational readiness and enhancing medical treatment through innovative technologies. Quality management systems have also been implemented to ensure the safety of service delivery, patient satisfaction, and post-treatment quality of life. The hospital houses specialised medical centres offering various treatments, including a cancer centre, a heart centre, a neurology centre, a preventive health promotion and rehabilitation centre, and a 24-hour paediatric centre. With qualified medical experts and a multidisciplinary team, the hospital is committed to utilising medical technology to enhance diagnostic capabilities and treatment efficiency. Furthermore, services are designed to fully understand and address patients' needs, aiming for patient satisfaction with treatment outcomes in line with global BDMS standards.

Prof. Dr. Jaran Maluleem, Vice President for International Affairs at Krirk University, expressed gratitude to Phyathai Nawamin Hospital for entrusting the university to contribute to the enhancement of healthcare services for the Muslim community. Together, they aim to achieve high-quality service standards, improved access, and genuine understanding of customers, ultimately leading to excellence in caring for Thai Muslim patients and advancing healthcare standards in Middle Eastern countries.

Dr. Jumpol concluded by expressing pride in Phyathai Nawamin Hospital's achievements over the last three decades, particularly its ability to understand individual needs. He also emphasised the hospital's commitment to preventive healthcare and recovery by providing exceptional medical services that surpass expectations and contribute to the long-term success of the healthcare industry. He noted the hospital's satisfaction in delivering excellent healthcare services along with positive patient experiences, thereby fostering long-term organisational development.

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