YWG's Environmental Education Event: NIST Hosts Wildlife Guardians
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YWG's Environmental Education Event: NIST Hosts Wildlife Guardians

NIST International School Hosts "Power of the Youth Wildlife Guardians Environmental Education Unit" Event

The Environmental and Social Foundation (ESF), in collaboration with NIST International School, presents the "Power of the Youth Wildlife Guardians-Environmental Education Unit" event on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024.

The Youth Wildlife Guardians (YWG), a student-led initiative, has dedicated themselves to nature preservation, culminating in the creation of documentaries on endangered species after two years of intensive effort. They have traversed Thailand, visiting over 40 local schools, engaging with over 6,000 students, and conducting conservation projects such as preserving Seagrass Meadows, Mangrove forests, Coral reefs, while advocating for responsible consumption and addressing climate change.

The event showcases "The Story of the Leatherback," an award-winning documentary by a NIST student and YWG member. Three documentaries by YWG have collectively received accolades and official selections from 11 film festivals worldwide. YWG Talks will delve into the documentary-making process, conservation efforts, and their impact, with speeches from esteemed guests including Dr. Sorachud Suchitta, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Land, Natural Resources and Environment, and Dr. Angelo Coskinas, NIST International School Secondary Principal.

Youth Wildlife Guardians aspire to inspire nature conservation in Thailand and raise awareness for environmental preservation and endangered species protection for future generations.

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