Reignwood Park: Ultra-Luxury Meets Lakeside Elegance

Reignwood Park: Ultra-Luxury Meets Lakeside Elegance

World-leading ultra-luxury megaproject transforms lakeside serenity into extraordinary bliss with 'In the Mood for Love’ concert.

Reignwood Park united legendary Thai music artists 'B5', No One Else, and Zom Marie to forge a legacy of joy by the heart-shaped lake at the heart of the project. The remarkable concert 'In the Mood for Love' also spotlighted families of emerging talents 'Guy Ratchanont and Haru', and 'Un Puwanart and Ja Alisa' as distinguished guests, granting them the chance to witness the splendour of Thailand's largest ultra-luxury development.

Woraphanit Ruayrungruang, CEO of Reignwood Group (International), stated that Reignwood Park's introduction to Thailand signifies a revolutionary shift toward a new model in creating ultra-luxury mixed-use projects that cover all facets of a world-class luxury lifestyle. This initiative aims to offer a novel experience to customers in Thailand for the duration of the business. Operating globally, Reignwood Group is celebrated for rejuvenating famous architectural landmarks worldwide, revitalising them and significantly enhancing their value. Examples include the restoration of the Ten Trinity Square building, which was destroyed during World War II, now hosting the Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square hotel. Additionally, Reignwood Group's expertise spans the renovation and development of Lifestyle Property projects like the Reignwood Pine Valley Golf Course in Beijing, located beyond China's city walls, and the revitalisation of the historic Wentworth Club Golf Course in England. With over a century of history and serving as the headquarters of the DP World Tour (European Tour), a major global golf competition organiser, these efforts aim to once again offer unmatched services to ultra-high-end clients. These initiatives underscore a commitment to developing projects that transcend mere living spaces. However, Reignwood Group's projects also strive to blend seamlessly into a context that meets all aspects of life comprehensively and can satisfy all needs of the target audience under the concept of Living A Legacy Life or living life beyond expectations in a truly meaningful way.

"Throughout 2024, Reignwood Park is set to offer a fresh experience to both customers and the project's target audience through a variety of exclusive activities. Most recently, in collaboration with leading Thai brands, we hosted the extraordinary concert 'In the Mood for Love.' This event revived the ultimate joy of yesteryears and infused the present with a zest for happiness. Featuring a lineup of artists including B5, Ben Chalatit, Mariam Grey, Cake Punyaman, Q Suveera, Tor Saksit, and many others, the concert was designed to deliver a memorable musical experience, celebrating the month of love in the romantic, lakeside setting by Reignwood Park's heart-shaped lake. This is an event unique to this venue, making Reignwood Park a distinct phenomenon," added Woraphanit.

At the 'In the Mood for Love' concert, attendees were treated not only to performances by B5, No One Else, and Zom Marie but also had the opportunity to savour authentic Italian cuisine by Chef Paolo Vitaletti from Appia and Peppina, celebrated as the top pizzeria in Thailand and ranked 5th in the Asia-Pacific region. Beyond the musical entertainment, the event featured special activities for families, supported by KIS International School Reignwood Park. Reignwood Park distinguishes itself by harmoniously merging Western and Eastern cultures, showcasing unique architecture from both hemispheres within the project. This blend aims to foster a life of joy for residents across all ages, enhancing living standards in every dimension. This includes meeting diverse needs within a natural setting and providing comprehensive facilities and services. Moreover, Reignwood Park has introduced the 'Five Cultural Homes,' representing the cultures of Thailand, the United States, England, Rome, and China, as part of the project. This effort is designed to offer an unprecedented experience to customers, setting a new benchmark for lifestyle offerings in Thailand.

The Reignwood Park project boasts the world-class 'Robinswood Golf Club,' an exclusive 18-hole golf course tailored for members. The course's design, orchestrated by the European Golf Design team, meticulously arranges each hole to challenge participants in professional golf tournaments. Furthermore, the introduction of KIS International School Reignwood Park marks the unveiling of a new boarding school campus, equipped with extensive facilities aimed at achieving global recognition in education. 'Robinswood Estate' features opulent homes encircling the premier golf course, with plots ranging from 1.5 to 3 rai, offering living spaces starting from 1,500 square metres and prices initiating at 300 million baht, limited to only 41 units. Adjacent to the golf course, the Par 3 @ Reignwood Park introduces 'Reignwood Sereno Residences,' premium living quarters of 200 square wah, focusing on privacy within a captivating setting, comprising 101 units each priced at 40 million baht. The inclusion of a community mall within a vast green space caters to activity areas and open sports fields, envisaged as a haven for families to unwind and engage in communal activities during holidays. Complementing these amenities, a 4-star hotel with 200 rooms alongside a Sport Complex is poised to serve both local inhabitants and international sports teams, embodying the epitome of an ultra-luxury lifestyle, as outlined by Woraphanit.

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