Mitr Phol Boosts Sugarcane Leaf Program for Renewable Energy

Mitr Phol Boosts Sugarcane Leaf Program for Renewable Energy

Encouraging greener harvesting throughout the 2023/2024 crushing season after pioneering the program for six consecutive years

Mitr Phol Group reinforces its commitment to sustainable development by continuing its sugarcane leaf purchase program from sugarcane farmers, thereby enhancing the value of agricultural waste. For over six years, the program has promoted green sugarcane harvesting and utilised sugarcane leaves as raw material for bio-power generation. Mitr Phol Group has been a pioneer in developing processes for renewable energy production, utilising sugarcane leaves as a fuel source for biomass electricity. The cumulative purchase of sugarcane leaves has surpassed 1.7 million tons, providing sugarcane farmers with additional revenue exceeding 2.5 billion baht. This year, Mitr Phol Group aims to purchase over 800,000 tons of sugarcane leaves.

Mitr Phol Group goes beyond maximising the value of sugarcane leaves as a renewable energy source. The company has adopted comprehensive practices to encourage and support sugarcane farmers in green sugarcane harvesting. Under the 'Mitr Phol ModernFarm' concept and practice, the company integrates innovation, technology, and agricultural machinery to assist farmers in reducing costs and minimising the use of fertilisers and water. The program also involves imparting knowledge and best practices for sustainable and eco-friendly sugarcane cultivation. Mitr Phol Group is increasing the number of sugarcane harvesters and square balers while buying sugarcane leaves after farmers have used some to cover the soil surface, enhancing soil fertility and promoting a balanced natural ecosystem.

Additionally, Mitr Phol Group has launched a creative communication campaign titled 'Mitr Phol Group Supports Green Sugarcane Harvesting'. The campaign aims to encourage sugarcane farmers to harvest green sugarcane by using stylish quotes on vibrant, colourful stickers to adorn their trucks, bringing smiles to the farmers. Mitr Phol also invites them to participate in a truck art competition led by the Thai Sugar Millers Corporation (TSMC). This initiative underscores Mitr Phol's commitment to promoting green sugarcane harvesting, which increases farmers' income and benefits sugarcane fields while contributing to a sustainable environment.

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