Rama pursued the deer all the way to Paris
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Rama pursued the deer all the way to Paris

In a Khon Ramayana episode titled "Phra Ram Tam Kwang" (Rama Pursues the Deer), a Thai performance group from the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Department captivated audiences in Paris. The group showcased their talents atop the Galeries Lafayette department store, situated in a bustling shopping district in the heart of the city. Their performance garnered considerable attention from both Parisians and tourists, who eagerly captured the moment in photographs as souvenirs. Local media outlets also covered the event, spotlighting Thai arts and culture on Parisian television channels.


Led by Mr. Sing Limpirat, Deputy Director-General of the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Department, the Thai arts and culture group presented a series of performances that showcased Thailand's soft power to Parisians and tourists alike. These performances, meticulously prepared to captivate Parisian audiences, featured highly trained officials from the Bureau of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, whose graceful dance movements left onlookers in awe.

During their visit, the Thai arts and culture group had the privilege of meeting with the Thai Ambassador at the Thai Embassy in Paris. The promotion and exchange of Thai arts and culture abroad serve as a powerful tool in enticing foreign tourists to explore Bangkok and Thailand further. Experiencing Thai art and culture firsthand often sparks interest and inspiration among foreign visitors, encouraging them to consider traveling to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. This, in turn, can boost local economies and stimulate economic growth in Bangkok, fostering a climate of creativity and innovation conducive to the development of creative economic districts across the city's 50 districts.


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