PWA Marks 45 Years of Water Service

PWA Marks 45 Years of Water Service

"Sustainability and Excellence in Water Utility."

The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA), a state enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, is responsible for providing essential water utility services in 74 provinces across the country, excluding Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, and areas managed by local administrative organizations. Their vision is to "Lead towards becoming a high-performing and sustainable organisation, delivering excellent waterworks services." In 2023, PWA contributed to the sustainability of society through various missions and operations as outlined below.

• Creating Job Opportunities and Generating Income: PWA utilised its expertise in plumbing systems to develop curricula for the "Plumbing Vocational Training for Citizens" project in collaboration with the Department of Skill Development. This initiative created professional plumbing careers and generated income for families. In 2024, PWA will continue the project for a second year, focusing on "Surveying, Installing, and Repairing Water Pipes in Residences and Office Buildings" across 10 provinces, including Chon Buri, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Surat Thani, Phatthalung, Maha Sarakham, Bueng Kan, Buriram, Nan, and Uthai Thani.

• Providing Clean Tap Water to Local Water Utilities: PWA expanded its expertise in water supply systems to local administrative organisations, including subdistrict administrative organisations, municipalities, and villages, through the "PWA and Local Administrative Organisation for the People" project. This joint effort aimed to enhance the efficiency of local water supply systems, improve water production quality, and promote sustainability in providing clean tap water. This initiative has been ongoing since 2017 and has benefited 1,762 local administrative organisations, providing clean, safe tap water that meets consumption standards to over two million households.

• Promoting Sustainability through Assistance and Cost Relief: PWA enhanced the quality of life and reduced living expenses for over two million individuals through the "PWA Overdue Water Bill Extension" project. This involved extending the timeframe for overdue water bills with outstanding balances not exceeding 150 baht per billing cycle, up to three billing cycles, with a total not exceeding 450 baht. This measure eased the financial burden on individuals with low incomes, benefiting a total of 220,913 people.

• Expanding the Water Supply Service Area: PWA recognised the importance of clean water for improving people's quality of life and supporting economic growth. They committed to expanding the water supply service area to meet the increasing water demand of more than 5.3 million customers, providing clean and safe tap water according to World Health Organisation standards. This expansion involves 306 projects for laying pipes, 37 projects for constructing and improving water supply systems and buildings, and 353 projects for integrating water resources management.

As PWA enters its 45th year as a leader in providing water supply services in the region, it remains dedicated to its primary mission of delivering tap water services that meet rigorous standards to safeguard the health and enhance the quality of life for people throughout the country.

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