Hino Appoints First Female President, Leads To Change

Hino Appoints First Female President, Leads To Change

Yumiko Kawamura aims to revolutionise Thailand's trucking sector with visionary leadership and a customer-focused approach.

Hino Motors Sales (Thailand) Ltd. is proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Yumiko Kawamura as its new President, the first woman to hold this position within Hino. She is set to spearhead the commercial vehicles industry with a commitment to instigate substantial reforms in the truck business.

"Serving as President in Thailand presents a unique set of challenges. The commercial vehicle market here is substantial, and local businesses heavily depend on trucks for their operational needs. With my extensive experience in this industry, I am eager to contribute significantly, ensuring Hino becomes an integral part of their operations. My approach, rooted in empathy for customer needs and integrity, embodies the HINO WAY, aiming to deliver satisfaction and happiness to our clients," announced Ms. Kawamura.

Ms. Kawamura has previously served as the President of Hino Motors Canada Ltd., and brings over 30 years of experience in the Hino truck business. Her tenure prior to this role enriched her with marketing expertise across North America and Asia. She is determined to leverage her vast knowledge and strategic insights from various countries to navigate and address the challenges facing the automotive and truck industry in Thailand today.

Furthermore, Ms. Kawamura is dedicated to advancing the "Lead to Change" policy, focusing on establishing Hino as a beacon of transformation. She believes in facing the plethora of challenges within the Thai market head-on. Therefore, all policies are crafted to offer solutions to market needs. As CEO, she maintains an openness to feedback from all quarters. Embracing the Japanese practice of "Genchi Genbutsu," she prioritises visiting actual work sites to firsthand understand the challenges and situations.

Adopting a positive outlook is central to Ms. Kawamura's philosophy, inspired by the Japanese adage that good fortune favours those who smile and welcome challenges. She aims to instil this ethos within the Thai Hino family, supporting the team through every hurdle and triumph, always with a smile.

This philosophy is in harmony with the company's "HINO Customer Smile Project," which underscores Hino's commitment to engendering smiles through every interaction—whether it's through product offerings, after-sales service, or various organised activities. Hino is dedicated to fostering happiness, energy, and sustainable growth, creating a ripple effect of smiles across customers, dealers, business, and social partners alike.

Hino remains committed to the continuous development of products and services that not only meet customer needs but also enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs for the transportation industry. The company also upholds environmental objectives and pursues sustainable development to benefit the planet.

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