Mario Maurer & J&T Express: 5 Years Strong

Mario Maurer & J&T Express: 5 Years Strong

J&T Express, a global logistics service provider, announces its continued collaboration with Mario Maurer for the 5th consecutive year in 2024 in Thailand, further solidifying its position as the beloved parcel delivery brand of choice.

It is undeniable that Mario Maurer presently stands as one of Thailand's leading celebrities, boasting numerous accomplishments in the entertainment industry, including acting, modelling, music, and hosting. He has garnered numerous awards and enjoys a devoted fanbase both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, he has collaborated with various companies as a brand ambassador, with J&T Express being one of them.

The collaboration between J&T Express and the heartthrob Mario has been longstanding, with this year marking Mario’s fifth consecutive year as the brand ambassador in Thailand. This further solidifies the company's image as one that caters to the needs of every generation. In 2019, J&T Express, in collaboration with Mario, initiated the “Express Your Online Business” campaign, marked as the J&T Express slogan. This endeavour aimed to deliver excellent services, support and elevate sellers’ businesses, and simplify the package-sending process for customers. In 2021, under the “Claim Next Day” campaign, J&T Express leveraged Mario's outstanding achievements as part of its advertising strategy. A year later, he actively participated in the “We Grow Together” campaign, supporting Thai online retailers by promoting their stores on J&T Express social media platforms to reach a broader audience. Furthermore, he took on the role of a judge in the “J&T Green Innovation” project in 2023. This initiative provided college students with the opportunity to showcase their ideas through short videos, organised by J&T Express. However, such a close-knit collaboration cannot happen without trust and reliability in the brand. Over the years, J&T Express has remained dedicated to continuously improving its parcel delivery services, earning the reputation as the beloved parcel delivery brand of the people.

In fact, Mario and J&T Express share many similarities. In terms of image, Mario himself exemplifies unwavering dedication throughout his decade-long career in the entertainment industry. Similarly, J&T Express is one of the leaders in the logistics field, dedicated to introducing new services to consistently meet consumer needs.

For example, J&T HOME creates possibilities for community collaborations, expanding the network of local service stations. This initiative not only provides more chances for local partners to collaborate as service representatives but also allows the conversion of existing spaces into service stations. Through J&T HOME, applicants have the opportunity to generate additional income using their existing assets. Jet Transport offers transportation vehicles nationwide to support diverse demands with a standard safety management system. J&T Fulfillment offers comprehensive warehousing solutions to store products, pack, and provide delivery options for both B2B and B2C clients. J&T International provides a seamless international parcel delivery route. By focusing on enhancing convenience and meeting the diverse needs of customers.

Mario has consistently maintained and continuously perfected his standards, which have been widely recognised. Last year, he was awarded the Best Leading Male Actor at the TV Gold Awards, reflecting his commitment to excellence. This mirrors the standards of excellence at J&T Express, which received the BUSINESS+ Product of the Year Awards in the Transportation and Logistics category last year.

Another similarity is Mario’s global star quality. His charm and charisma effortlessly captivate media and people’s hearts wherever he goes and whatever he does. He has already established a prominent reputation in countries. Similarly, J&T Express is a global brand with numerous partners and a wide range of services provided to users worldwide. All these factors speak to the quality and trustworthiness of J&T Express, which is why Mario has remained with them for so long. Additionally, this year, be on the lookout for another special joint marketing campaign, which anyone can stay updated on through the website or social media channels of J&T Express.

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