Oasys WMS: Next-Gen Solution for E-commerce Efficiency

Oasys WMS: Next-Gen Solution for E-commerce Efficiency

Oasys unleashes Next-gen, Speedy, and Accurate “Warehouse Management System” for e-commerce and modern warehousing business

A new benchmark is being set in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, where efficiency and accuracy hold the keys to success. As the e-commerce sector continues to expand, the capability to handle large order volumes both efficiently and accurately becomes essential. Entrepreneurs are thus urged to invest wisely in technology and system enhancements for the future. This necessity has sparked the creation of innovative solutions aimed at resolving challenges and bolstering readiness for business expansion.

The inception of Oasys can be traced back to Mr. Thawatchai's ventures in the e-commerce sector, where he navigated the turbulent waters of online sales and international imports. Faced with the heavy task of managing hundreds of inventory items daily, he encountered significant hurdles due to human errors in inventory management and the absence of dependable systems and tools. These challenges sparked the creation of the Oasys Warehouse Management System (WMS), a solution born from Mr. Thawatchai's programming prowess and tailored system development to meet specific needs. This innovative system enhanced the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations and elevated warehouse management to unprecedented standards, marking a pivotal advancement in the field.

Oasys Warehouse Management System (WMS) elevates e-commerce efficiency with innovative highlight features:

  • Rapid and Precise Product Management: Enhances order searches, ensures accurate product selection, and minimises issues with incomplete or lost items.
  • Real-Time Stock Monitoring: Allows instant visibility of product locations and available stock, ensuring inventory information is always current.
  • Advanced Picking Systems: Implements FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expire, First Out) strategies for optimal product rotation.
  • Superior Pick & Pack Ordering-based Video Capturing: Unique to the market, this feature allows for reviewing packing processes to correct errors, with video evidence stored in the cloud for easy access and search with order number.
  • Fulfilment Business Support: Offers comprehensive consulting and system training, helping entrepreneurs enter the warehouse business confidently with a one-stop solution.

Affordable, Scalable, and Ready for Business Growth

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Oasys WMS is an affordable and scalable solution. With subscription plans starting just 3,100 baht per month, companies ranging from ten daily orders to thousands can benefit from enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

In less than a year, Oasys WMS has empowered over 30 businesses, from online sellers to large enterprises, to streamline their operations. Notable figures like Mae Praew, a mother and child influencer with over 673,000 Facebook followers, have utilised the system to manage orders efficiently. With a growing customer base and plans for international expansion, including markets like Singapore, Oasys is on track to become a leader in e-commerce solutions.

Celebrate with Oasys: Exclusive Anniversary Offer

To mark its first anniversary, Oasys announces a special promotion for new subscribers: sign up for an annual WMS service plan and enjoy two additional months of usage at no extra cost, along with six complimentary pieces of essential warehouse equipment, including a weighing scale, cover sheet printer, barcode printer, barcode gun, packing slip printer, and shelves, valued over 40,000 baht. This exclusive offer is valid until 31 March 2024.

Mr. Thawatchai emphasises, "Oasys is committed to being a partner, helping businesses adapt and prepare for the future of the e-commerce market. With a robust system developed to solve problems and genuinely meet entrepreneurs' needs, it creates value, strengthens capabilities and enhances sustainable business growth.”

For further information, contact Line at @Oasys, call 097-267-9487 or visit the website at https://oasys.co.th/.

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