Spark of True Love and Bridge to Eternity

Spark of True Love and Bridge to Eternity

The Centrix Open Heart watch by Rado unveils a captivating narrative of love, marked by unparalleled craftsmanship and a design that embodies eternal connections. This timepiece diverges from traditional designs, introducing a narrative that resonates with timeless love, unforgettable moments, and realms accessible only to the purest of hearts.

Rado, a brand synonymous with innovative design, introduces the Centrix Open Heart as a beacon of creativity, blending colours, textures, and materials in a way that sparks imagination and human fascination with metaphor. The watch's dial evokes the timeless symbol of a bridge—a path over life's challenges, connecting the present with the infinite. Its design features two gentle curves, with the hands of the timepiece pivoting in perfect harmony at their zenith, suggesting a seamless journey over the dial's expanse towards the horizon.

This masterpiece houses the state-of-the-art R734 automatic movement, boasting an 80-hour power reserve and a NivachronTM hairspring, set against a backdrop featuring a rippled-sunlight motif, emblematic of dawn and dusk. The dial and bracelet incorporate Rado's signature high-tech ceramic, complemented by a rose-gold-coloured PVD-finished stainless steel case and bracelet elements, creating a harmonious and warm aesthetic.

Enhanced by a gently convex sapphire crystal with antireflective coating, the watch ensures clarity from every angle. Its elegance is further accentuated by metallised branding inside the crystal. A second sapphire crystal on the case back offers a glimpse into the heart of the watch, aligning with Rado's “Art of Skeletonization” series.

Available in various models to celebrate individual love stories, options include a plasma high-tech ceramic version and others featuring white or dark-brown mother-of-pearl dials. The Jubilé models elevate the design with twelve Top-Wesselton diamonds marking the hours, while the Super Jubilé versions dazzle with additional diamonds along the bridge's lower arch, epitomising sophisticated love.

The Centrix Open Heart by Rado is not just a watch; it's a testament to love's eternal journey, inviting wearers to pause, with grace and precision, and contemplate the timeless dance of constellations and the bridges they build for lovers, enduring up to 80 hours.

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