Bangkok Pilots AI to Boost English Skills in Schools
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Bangkok Pilots AI to Boost English Skills in Schools

Mr. Sanon Wangsrangboon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, participated in the activity summarising the results of the pilot project "Evaluation and Development of English Communication Potential Using Artificial Intelligence Technology" for students in Bangkok and tested out the Edsy AI Speaking Coach tool at TK Park, Central World Department Store.

“English language skills are an essential skill in today's fast-paced, borderless world. It's time for us to give importance to communication ability, not just studying for exams," Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok, has said. This led to the development of Edsy's project named "Evaluation and Development of English Communication Potential Using Artificial Intelligence Technology".

This project is a collaboration between four main organisations: Edsy, an educational technology startup, and a developer of artificial intelligence tools for assessing and developing English communication skills under the support of the National Innovation Agency (NIA); the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa); the Ministry of Higher Education Fund; the Education Innovation Development Agency under the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC); the Ministry of Education, Bangkok Education Office, and; Education Sandbox in Rayong Province.

Edsy together with the Bangkok Education Office organised the Edsy x Bangkok activity to spark the abilities of students in six pilot schools and to develop English communication skills with the "Edsy AI Speaking Coach" under the conclusion of the pilot project "Evaluation and development of English communication potential using artificial intelligence technology" of students in 6 Bangkok schools.

Edsy is an education startup that wants to improve Thai students' English skills so they can access knowledge and opportunities in the world. They have developed an artificial intelligence tool, or Edsy AI Speaking Coach, with the question: Learning English requires speaking, but how can every student speak and receive immediate feedback to develop further in situations where there is a lack of teachers and a lack of Native Speakers. Therefore, Edsy AI Coach can fill this role by acting like an assistant teacher giving immediate feedback to students. Students still learn the content according to the school's teaching plan according to the familiar curriculum, but the feedback method is changed to AI instead.

The AI will ask questions like "Tell me about your dream job." and students will have to answer in sentences. The AI then corrects the sentences the students answer to make them complete and more natural and teaches pronunciation. The advantage is that you don't have to wait for the teacher or the whole class to answer at the same time. Everyone can train at their speed anywhere. In the past, it has helped assess and improve the English skills of more than 10,000 students. A pilot project for 6 schools under Bangkok was carried out in December. 66 - Jan. 2024 In the case of Samsen Wittayalai School, it was found that most students practiced continuously according to the lessons and improved their English speaking skills in all 3 areas (Fluency, Accuracy, and Pronunciation) with an average score of up to 6% higher when comparing Pre/Post-test.

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