Yayoi Marks 18 Years in Thailand with New Teishoku Sets

Yayoi Marks 18 Years in Thailand with New Teishoku Sets

Yayoi is celebrating its 18th anniversary in Thailand and its 138th year in Japan, reinforcing its status as a leading Japanese restaurant by introducing the ‘Teishoku set’ alongside a revamped experience.

Yayoi, a distinguished Japanese restaurant chain with a legacy spanning over 138 years and renowned for its Teishoku set menus, is marking its 18th anniversary in Thailand with a significant brand overhaul through a "Japanese food intimacy" strategy aimed at enhancing the dining experience for all its patrons.

This revitalisation began with the unveiling of a new logo, which incorporates an iconic Japanese brushstroke with a modern font to form the letter 'Y'. Drawing inspiration from Japanese pop culture, the updated logo retains the chain's signature pink hue, now infused with a dash of yellow to evoke a sense of freshness and fun. A clever addition to the logo is a symbol denoting Yayoi's famous Teishoku set menus, represented by the dot on the letter "i".

Moreover, Yayoi is introducing two signature dishes: the "Yayoi Teishoku Buta Yakiniku" and the "Yayoi Teishoku Salmon Hanamaki". Crafted by expert Japanese chefs, these menus offer exquisite flavours at reasonable prices, further cementing Yayoi's reputation as the "King of Teishoku".

"On March 1, 2006, 18 years ago, we introduced the Yayoi franchise to Thailand from Japan, opening our first branch and bringing the concept of 'Teishoku', a traditional Japanese set meal that has been a staple of Yayoi Japan since 1886 during the Meiji era," stated Mr. Rit Thirakomen, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of MK Restaurant Group Public Company Limited, which operates Yayoi in Thailand.

He added, "The Teishoku set meal is advantageous as it offers complete nutritional value through a balanced composition of each food component. This includes Japanese rice, a main dish such as meat, a side dish such as vegetables, a soup, and other sides, all served together on the same tray. We have enhanced this concept with creativity and modern innovations rooted in the tradition of Japanese cuisine."

"In combination with our tailored approach to meeting the diverse needs of Thai consumers, we've made accessing Japanese cuisine at our restaurants easier and more convenient. As a result, Yayoi has emerged as one of Thailand's most beloved restaurant chains, appealing to local diners of all genders and ages. Our patrons have the flexibility to dine with us at any time of the day. When Thai food enthusiasts seek a Japanese restaurant that truly embodies the essence of Japanese cuisine—offering high-quality, delicious meals at reasonable prices—they think of Yayoi first.

To mark its 18th anniversary in Thailand, Yayoi extends its gratitude to all customers across its more than 200 branches nationwide," Rit added.

Presently, Yayoi operates over 360 branches in Japan and is broadening its presence internationally, including in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, and the United States. Aiming to build on its success in the competitive Japanese restaurant market, Yayoi invites customers to enjoy an enhanced dining experience at all its locations this year. Yayoi also encourages patrons to stay updated on all marketing activities and special promotions that will be offered continuously.

Yayoi is proud of its three fundamental core values:

1. Offering the finest selection of Teishoku set menus, a favourite among our patrons.

2. Maintaining the authenticity of the delicious, original taste of Japanese cuisine.

3. Providing an innovative variety of over 160 menu items that our customers adore.

Yayoi will continue to feature both popular favourites and signature dishes, expertly prepared with high-quality imported ingredients by skilled chefs from Japan. This includes the "Yayoi Teishoku Buta Yakiniku," featuring tender, grilled bite-sized pork pieces with a special yakiniku sauce served in a hot pan alongside Japanese rice and a full array of side dishes; and the "Yayoi Teishoku Salmon Hanamaki," a dish comprising a generous portion of delicious salmon grilled on a hot plate, enhanced with a juicy secret sauce and accompanied by premium side dishes. Additionally, iconic bestsellers such as "Roasted Pork on Hot Plate," "Yayoi Ramen Champion," and many new dishes across various categories, including Double Buta Cheesy Katsu, Lava Spicy Salmon Roll, Yuzu Reimen, Fusion Menus, Ebi Tempura Tomyum Ramen, and many more, are available at Yayoi's more than 200 branches nationwide starting March 1, 2024.

"Since its inception in Japan 138 years ago, Yayoi has continually innovated and introduced new menus while preserving traditions, in response to the evolving tastes, preferences, and culinary needs of our consumers. Each set menu we offer has been carefully developed with the input of both Japanese and Thai chefs to delight all our Thai customers who are passionate about Japanese food and seek an authentic dining experience akin to that in Japan. We aspire for Yayoi to become even more endeared by all our patrons," Rit stated.

For more details on Yayoi's activities and promotional campaigns, please visit www.facebook.com/YayoiRestaurantThailand or https://yayoirestaurants.com.

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