ETIX BKK#1: Spearheading Sustainable Data Solutions in Thailand
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ETIX BKK#1: Spearheading Sustainable Data Solutions in Thailand

With over 40% annual growth, ETIX BKK#1 champions innovation and sustainability in the Thai data centre market.

Since ETIX Everywhere's entry into the Thai market in 2022, ETIX Bangkok #1, a premier data centre provider in Thailand, has witnessed exceptional growth. With an annual growth rate surpassing 40%, ETIX BKK#1 has established itself as a leader in the industry.

The remarkable success of ETIX BKK#1 is driven by a combination of its robust technical offerings, esteemed certifications, and a prestigious clientele that includes banks, international Over-the-Top (OTT) providers, and cloud service providers. Additionally, ETIX BKK#1's innovative pricing model and diverse telecom ecosystem have enabled customers to achieve cost savings of over 25% in comparison to traditional data centres.

To support its swift expansion, ETIX invested 450 million baht in 2023 to introduce a new module featuring 400 racks and 1,500 kW of IT capacity, which officially launched in March.

"Our first two modules are completely occupied, prompting the release of this third module to meet our customers' increasing demands," stated Pierre Patris, CEO of ETIX Asia. "The technical innovations in this module are cutting-edge, designed to accommodate Artificial Intelligence requirements—a specific request from our customers."

Key Technical Highlights:

  • Advanced cooling technology designed for high-density racks, meeting the demands of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.
  • A reinforced floor structure capable of supporting up to 3 tons/m2, accommodating the growing weight of customer racks over time.

"In advancing technology to meet Artificial Intelligence needs, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability. Our technology selections for ETIX BKK#1 embody this commitment, aligning with ETIX's global goal as a signatory of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact," confirmed Vitug Paarporn, ETIX Head of Operations for Asia.

Technical Innovations Include:

  • State-of-the-art power distribution technology that minimises the power factor to optimise the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of the data centre.
  • A PUE of 1.3 or lower, achievable with Direct Liquid Cooling solutions, and a Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) of less than 0.01 L/kWh, making ETIX BKK#1 one of the most environmentally friendly data centres in Thailand.

ETIX BKK#1's unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction continues to propel its success in the Thai market. For more information about ETIX BKK#1 and its services, please visit: ETIX Bangkok Data Center, Thailand.

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