Yingcharoen Market Celebrates 70 Years with New Mall
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Yingcharoen Market Celebrates 70 Years with New Mall

Yingcharoen Market unveils "Yingcharoen Square," blending tradition and modernity in its landmark 70th year.

“Yingcharoen Market”, the market close to the hearts of people from every generation, presents the ‘Yingcharoen Celebrates, Thrives Evermore’ event to mark its entrance into its 70th year. It's a celebration replete with entertainment and special activities, symbolising gratitude for the 70-year journey of Yingcharoen Market. Furthermore, it also unveils the new community mall, 'Yingcharoen Square,' a hub of joy bridging modern lifestyles at the heart of the new bridge area.

Kanchanida Tantisunthorn, Executive Director of Yingcharoen Market and Yingcharoen Square, stated, “As Yingcharoen Market embarks on its 70th year, we continue to operate under the 'Yingcharoen Together' policy, striving collectively towards prosperity. Serving as a community nexus, we connect economy, society, education, and the environment, ready to progress various projects within the market to grow alongside the community. And now, we proudly introduce 'Yingcharoen Square,' the new community mall under the concept of 'Positive Space,' featuring a diverse array of shops and renowned restaurants, creative activity zones surrounded by nature, and Common Areas catering to the lifestyles of all ages.”

The event 'Yingcharoen Celebrates, Thrives Evermore' promises splendour with lights, colours, and spectacular shows, beginning with the Golden Dragon Show from Nakhon Sawan, followed by a mini-concert by the powerful singer, Jennifer Kim, creating a harmonious atmosphere with her melodious voice. Attendees will also enjoy competitions to crown the Market's Fresh Generation (Yingcharoen), with prizes worth over 200,000 Baht. The event concludes with a dance-filled concert by Jenny Lily that will leave everyone invigorated.

Esteemed guests attending the unveiling of 'Yingcharoen Square' include Palakorn Suwannarat, Yuranunt (Sam) Pamornmontri, Anna Sueangam-iam, Miss Universe Thailand 2022, Chiang Mai native Panida Khueanjinda, Miss Thailand 2024, Pornsirikul Puata, 1st runner-up Miss Thailand 2024, Niti (Pompam) Chaichitathorn, Sitang Buathong, and Nattirut (Alex) Srichatwanit, among others.

Experience 'Yingcharoen Square,' the new community mall, the epitome of completeness at the heart of the new bridge area, starting today, open from 09:00 - 20:00 hrs. Follow our updates and news on Facebook: Yingcharoen Square Facebook Page and Instagram: Yingcharoen Square Instagram.

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"Yingcharoen Market" commemorates its 70th year with a lineup of renowned artists, alongside the grand unveiling of "Yingcharoen Square," the new community mall. Yingcharoen Market, a marketplace cherished through the ages, hosts the "Yingcharoen Celebrates, Thrives Evermore" event to honour its 70th year. This festivity is a heartfelt homage to the 70-year legacy of Yingcharoen Market, brimming with entertainment and special activities, culminating in the introduction of the new community mall, “Yingcharoen Square.”

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