Sun Group Unveils Phu Quoc's Ultimate Nature Adventure

Sun Group Unveils Phu Quoc's Ultimate Nature Adventure

Experience luxury, adventure, and natural beauty in Phu Quoc with Sun Group's curated attractions and accommodations.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam – Phu Quoc Island has emerged as a global hotspot for travellers seeking unparalleled natural beauty and luxurious experiences. The southern part of the island, in particular, boasts extraordinary gems like Bai Kem Beach, named among the world's top 50 beaches by Flight Network, and Bai Sao Beach, acclaimed as one of the planet's 10 most pristine stretches of sand.

This summer, Sun Group, a leading real estate developer in Vietnam renowned for crafting high-quality ecosystems, has spearheaded a new era of tourism development in Phu Quoc. With a focus on world-class accommodations, entertainment parks, cultural landmarks, and luxury amenities, invites travellers to experience the epitome of Phu Quoc's allure.

At the heart of South of Phu Quoc is ‘Sunset Town’, the destination of love and art, exudes the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean while showcasing its unique vibe and style with lush green gardens and tropical beauty all around helping Phu Quoc become one of the rare places in the world that displays fireworks 365 days a year.

Sunset Town offers a myriad of captivating attractions, including the iconic Kiss Bridge, where two 400-metre "ribbons" stretch over the sea, separated by a mere 30cm, providing an unparalleled backdrop for breathtaking sunsets. Experience the adrenaline rush of the Sunset Jetski & Flyboards Show, featuring world-class stunts reaching heights of up to 15 metres, and marvel at the daring flips and spins performed by international athletes. Prepare to be dazzled by Kiss of the Sea, the world's largest water show, featuring dazzling lights, acrobatics, and fireworks on a seawater stage with 60 artists, followed by a grand finale Artistic Fireworks Show choreographed to music like "We Are the Champions." Immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture with the Viet Puppet Show, showcasing traditional water puppetry and music, and explore the vibrant VUI-Fest Bazaar (Night Market by the Sea) for a unique shopping and culinary experience, accompanied by captivating street performances along Loang Xuong Street.

Adventure seekers can explore Hon Thom Island, many attractions will complete your Phu Quoc trip. Start at Hon Thom Cable Car is the world’s longest non-stop three-way cable car by the Guinness World Records (over 7,899m), which takes passengers from the Sunset Town over the sea to Hon Thom Island, soaring above turquoise waters and lush islands for breathtaking panoramic views. Spend time and fun at Sun World Hon Thom, a paradise 5.7 km² island that boasts beautiful beaches, white sand, coconut palms, and legendary photo spots. Enjoy the amusement park (Exotica Village), water park (Aquatopia), hotels, water activities, and more! Dive into the island's natural wonders with diving activities ‘Sea Walk’ to see corals at Eco Beach Diving Center, built on a floating raft house inspired by the traditional fish raft house of Phu Quoc fishing village that offers safe and thrilling experiences for all ages.

Moreover, introduces hotels and resorts embodying the essence of a "tropical paradise," nestled alongside Bai Kem (Cream Beach), one of the world's most stunning coastal stretches. Among these is La Festa Phu Quoc, Curio Collection by Hilton, a masterpiece of sensibility that manifests a cinematic Mediterranean fantasy. Positioned strategically within the heart of Sunset Town, guests can luxuriate in the spectacle of fireworks and gaze upon the iconic Kiss Bridge from the comfort of their bedroom.

La Festa Phu Quoc, Curio Collection by Hilton

New World Phu Quoc

Among Sun Group’s array of resorts in Phu Quoc, options include: JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort, boasting Bill Bensley's whimsical "university campus" design for a truly unique luxury experience; Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort, a celebrity favourite featuring private cliffside villas offering exclusive sunrise and sunset ocean views; Family Fun awaits at New World Phu Quoc, where charming thatched-roof villas cater to families seeking a blend of rustic charm and upscale amenities; and Beachfront Bliss awaits at Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Managed by Accor, providing affordable 5-star accommodations perfect for couples or small families on the pristine shores of Bai Kem Beach, celebrated among the world's top 50 most beautiful beaches.

A 3-day trip to the South of Phu Quoc Island provides a glimpse into its unique experiences, but for a comprehensive exploration, travellers are encouraged to spend at least 5 days or more.

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