Empowering Sustainable Entrepreneurship: SasinIEW 2024

Empowering Sustainable Entrepreneurship: SasinIEW 2024

Sasin School of Management to host Sasin Impact Entrepreneurship Week 2024: Empowering Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future

Sasin School of Management, Thailand's premier business school, is proud to announce the upcoming Sasin Impact Entrepreneurship Week 2024 (SasinIEW) from June 19-23, 2024. This dynamic event serves as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and impactful entrepreneurship, bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders from across Thailand and beyond.

SasinIEW is more than just a conference – it's a platform for institutions, academia, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, corporates, government agencies, policy makers, political leaders, NGOs and the public to come together and exchange ideas, experiences, and insights. By fostering multi-sectoral cooperation and collaboration, SasinIEW aims to tap in the collective intelligence of broad stakeholder engagement, contribute to inclusive, entrepreneurship-driven, impactful thought leadership, and positive change and explore how inclusive entrepreneurship can drive real impact on a local, regional and global scale.

The week-long event features three interconnected components:

1. GCEC New Frontier: Bangkok Summit 2024 (GCEC 2024): Endorsed by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC), this global conference, held for the first time in Asia, brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around the world. Under the theme "Inclusive Entrepreneurship Driving Impact," GCEC 2024 will spark dialogue, foster collaboration, and push boundaries to drive meaningful impact at both the regional and global levels

2. Bangkok Business Challenge 2024 Competition (BBC 2024) powered by SCG Chemicals: As Asia's longest-running global student startup competition, BBC 2024 brings together undergraduate and postgraduate students from universities worldwide to compete for royal trophies and prize money totalling 1.5 million THB. Contestants gain invaluable feedback and insights from expert judges, helping them to refine their startups and align them with the principles of sustainability.

3. Family Enterprise Case Competition – Asia Pacific 2024 (FECC-AP 2024): This case study competition focuses on solving complex family business problems, providing graduate students in the Asia Pacific region with a platform to showcase their analytical and presentation skills. The winning team will have the opportunity to represent the region at the FECC 2025 competition in Vermont, USA.

SasinIEW is poised to boost the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem by facilitating cross-pollination and collaboration among diverse stakeholders. By connecting thought leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, policy makers and NGOs, SasinIEW aims to create a thought and practice exchange platform for inclusive profitable businesses with positive impacts on society, the environment, and beyond.

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Contact: Sasin SEC, Sasin School of Management Email:  sasinsec@sasin.edu Tel:  +66-2218-4078

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