Oasis Healing Asia: Pioneering Holistic Cancer Care in Thailand

Oasis Healing Asia: Pioneering Holistic Cancer Care in Thailand

Launching in 2024, Oasis Healing Asia introduces Thailand's first comprehensive integrative cancer care centre, blending traditional healing with modern therapies to transform cancer treatment.

Oasis Healing Asia (OHA) is poised to launch Thailand's first holistic cancer care centre in 2024. Located on Krungthep Kreetha Road, the cutting-edge medical facility, spanning over 1,200 square metres, aims to transform medical practices and contribute positively to public health across Asia. This revolutionary approach, combining over 38 years of cancer care expertise with innovative therapies from Dr. Thomas Lodi, MD, MD(H), positions OHA as an extension of a U.S.-based cancer centre operational for nearly two decades, promising to significantly impact Asian healthcare with a gentler, more effective cancer treatment method.

With the World Health Organization forecasting a 70% global increase in cancer cases by 2030, OHA is strategically positioned to address this challenge in Asia, where the sharpest rise is expected. Plans to expand its reach within Thailand and beyond are underway, aiming to combat the looming cancer crisis affecting over 3.5 billion people.

Mr. Vasin Dolruedej, Co-founder of Oasis Healing Asia, comments, “The inauguration of Oasis Healing Asia heralds a pivotal advancement in regional cancer care. It introduces a transformative healing approach not only to Thailand but to Asia at large. By honouring natural wisdom and empowering individuals to reclaim their health, Oasis envisions cancer as a manageable condition, understood and approached by aligning with nature's laws, not as an adversary but as a challenge to be comprehended and overcome.”

Oasis Healing Asia emerges as a hopeful beacon, merging conventional medicine with alternative therapies and personalised lifestyle changes to help patients conquer cancer and achieve optimal health. The comprehensive cancer care programs at Oasis Healing Asia, crafted by the internationally acclaimed Dr. Thomas Lodi, MD, MD(H), reflect his 38-year commitment to integrating oncology that synergises complementary and alternative methods with standard cancer treatments, focusing on holistic healing.

Dr. Thomas Lodi emphasises, “We respect life's laws and lean on the intrinsic healing capabilities of the living organism. Healing is an innate biological process we aim to enhance by balancing mind, body, and spirit.”

Oasis Healing Asia's philosophy is built on three core pillars: Stop Making Cancer, Target Cancer, and Enhance the Immune System. It offers a plethora of programs and treatments for cancer treatment, prevention, reversal, recovery, mental health, life education, supportive and detox therapies, hormone and immune therapies, physical movement, and IV therapies.

Achieved through the commitment of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, and wellness experts, OHA is more than its expert team; it’s a nurturing environment where patients receive comprehensive guidance, emotional support, and personalised lifestyle coaching, empowering them on their journey to wellness.

Set to open in April 2024, the Oasis Healing Asia facility in Krungthep Kreeta is a testament to the fusion of alternative healing and advanced medical technology, promising a new era of integrative cancer care. For more details about Oasis Healing Asia and its groundbreaking cancer care programs, visit www.oasishealingasia.com.

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