"Groove with Paradise Bangkok's Molam Beats"
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"Groove with Paradise Bangkok's Molam Beats"

Experience the unique blend of Thai folk and groovy rhythms with 'The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band' at the electrifying 'Lek is More: Serng on the Floor' event.

On Saturday, 20th April 2024, at Glowfish Sathorn, get ready to move, groove, and serng with 'The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band' at The People Concert Series: 'Lek is More: Serng on the Floor' show.

Following the success of 'Lek is More', a groundbreaking musical showcase series crafted and curated by The People, which delighted audiences with the beloved artist Srirajah Rockers in March 2024, it's now time to unveil the next instalment. This upcoming event will continue to underscore the profound impact of 'Lek' (Small) in delivering unforgettable musical experiences.

This April, prepare for the renowned performance of The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, where North-Eastern Thai Folk music meets groovy basslines and drum beats in the continuation of The People Concert Series: Lek is More, featuring The Paradise Bangkok as the star of the show.

'Lek is More' (เล็ก is More) is a sequence of exclusive live shows organised by an online publisher called The People. Named THE PEOPLE CONCERT SERIES, these shows aim to create unique, exclusive, and memorable experiences for audiences through exquisitely selected and curated bands. The word 'Lek' (เล็ก) from the title can be translated to 'Small' in English. Adapted from the term that defines the power of minimalism—'Less is More'—the title, Lek is More, aims to convey the obscured power of a small-sized show that can provide a privileged involvement between audiences and the band.

The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band is a musical ensemble that offers you an opportunity to not only enjoy the grooviest instrumental movements but also experience an exceptional combination of molam-styled music—a folk music originating in the North-Eastern region of Thailand and Laos, featuring instruments such as the 'Phin' (พิณ), a string instrument similar to the banjo and guitar, and the 'Kaen' (แคน), a compact organ combined with a harmonica—blended with the fundamental sounds of bass and drums. This fusion results in a modernised version of molam where everyone can have fun and groove unlike any other style of music you've experienced before!

Furthermore, while maintaining the core priorities of exclusivity and excellence in small-scale shows, this edition of Lek is More introduces a theme known as 'Serng on the Floor.' 'Serng' (เซิ้ง) is a traditional dance originating from the vibrant culture of North-Eastern Thailand. Thus, attendees will not only have the opportunity to groove to the mesmerising beats of molam but also immerse themselves in the unique joy of 'Serng' dance, perfectly complemented by the infectious rhythms of The Paradise Bangkok.

The Paradise Bangkok have performed at Off Festival (Poland), Festival Mundial (Netherlands), Field Day (UK), Highland 420 (Thailand), Cat Expo (Thailand), and the phenomenal Glastonbury (UK). On Saturday, 20th April 2024, they will be at Glowfish Sathorn (สาทร), located at the centre of urban Bangkok, near BTS station Chong Nonsi.

Do not miss this opportunity to be part of an exclusive experience with The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, especially at the time of the release of their latest third album 'Araya Lam'. There will surely be surprises awaiting you there.

On Saturday, 20th April 2024, at Glowfish Sathorn, tickets will be available at the regular price of 599 Baht per person and can be purchased via Thaiticketmajor:


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