Celebrate vibrant Songkran at Siam Paragon
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Celebrate vibrant Songkran at Siam Paragon

With giant Lobster art installation by prominent Pop Artist Philip Colbert and a lineup of summer concert with over 100 performers at "Siam Paragon Ultrasonic Water Festival 2024," From 9-16 April 2024 at Siam Paragon.

Siam Paragon, a ‘World-class shopping destination’ and a top-of-mind destination for Thais and visitors from across the globe, is teaming up with KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited to host world-class summer happenings “Siam Paragon Ultrasonic Water Festival 2024, Songkran Lobster Wonderland by Philip Colbert.’ The event features iconic art installation by world-renowned London-based pop artist Philip Colbert, known for his iconic artwork “The Lobster.” This exclusive collaboration with Siam Paragon and Colbert’s first showcase in Thailand is now taking over Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon, from April 9- 16, 2024. The event is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Ministry of Culture, JOOX and TikTok.

Thanaporn Tantiyanon, Head of Business Unit, Siam Paragon, said "Siam Paragon is committed to deliver unparalleled experiences, reaffirming its top-of-mind positioning for both Thai and international tourists. This summer highlights the collaboration of Siam Paragon and world’s prominent Pop artist Philip Colbert. The iconic British artist is globally-recognized for his inventive Pop Art creations as well as his eclectic signature style and the use of vibrant colors. His iconic character - the playful giant red “The Lobster,” has been showcased in worldwide ranging from paintings and sculptures to fashion merchandises. He has been recognized as an iconic figure in the global pop art scene. Parc Paragon is presenting “Songkran Lobster Wonderland” featuring a colorful Lobster playground to celebrate Thailand’s iconic Songkran Festival. Specially, Colbert has curated exclusive pieces for Siam Paragon, which are exhibited at the shopping center and Parc Paragon."

Featured also for this Songkran festivity are a concert series packed with over a hundred famous performers. There are also various cultural activities ranging from Buddha bathing, a Thai New Year tradition for good blessing and a showcase of ancient Buddha images from the National Museum Bangkok. Visitor can also engage in demonstrations of traditional Thai art and crafts such as aromatic water, flower garlands and Thai dessert. Songkran photo exhibition is also on display plus the performance of leading contemporary Morlam bands.

The key activities taking place from April 9 -16, 2024 include:

  • A collaboration between Siam Paragon and world-renowned Pop Art artist Philip Colbert to co-create an exclusive Pop Art masterpiece.

The “Thai New Year Festival” or Songkran has been recognized and registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, attracting tourists around the world to the unique cultural experience. This year, Siam Paragon enhances Bangkok's Songkran Festival by creating an exclusive collaborative spectacle with Philip Colbert, a prominent artist in the world’s contemporary art scene, who often referred to as "Godson of Andy Warhol." Colbert has specially crafted a new version of his iconic Lobster, inspired by the lively festivities of Thailand's Songkran Festival. Showcasing in the heart of Bangkok at Siam Paragon, the extraordinary pop art pieces are bursting with vibrant colors, blending contemporary culture with distinctive imagination. The showcase is open to the public at The Jewel and Parc Paragon on M floor.

In addition, Philip Colbert also creates cool merchandises which includes T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, stylish elephant-patterned pants, and drinking glasses.

  • A full lineup of entertainment featuring celebrities and concert with over 100 popular artists from today to April 16, 2024, at Parc Paragon.

Experience extraordinary entertainment with concert that runs for 8 days, starting from 6PM onwards  

April 13, 2024: Celebrate the super fun Songkran with CHUANG ASIA, Have a Nice Day and Klear.

April 14, 2024: Have fun with T-Pop artists such as Proud, LYKN, Narawit ‘Pond’ Lertratkosum, along with Archen ‘Jung’ Aydin, and the duo, Geminine - Fourth.

April 15, 2024: Enjoy music from renowned artists such as Dept, Fellow Fellow, and Cocktail.

April 16, 2024: Concludes the summer with girls group EMPRESS and hot boy band Atlas, and the cute girl group PiXXiE.

  • Interact with JOOX music to listen to exclusive Songkran playlist and a chance to win JOOX free VIP subscriptions and K-pop idol merchandise

Siam Paragon, in collaboration with JOOX, celebrate extraordinary Songkran Festival with immersive music experience with JOOX music. Enjoy exclusive Songkran playlist on JOOX music and a chance to win prizes such as JOOX free VIP subscriptions and K-pop idol merchandises. Music enthusiasts or K-pop fans can embark on a journey of music at JOOX booth at Parc Paragon.

  • Holy water ceremony during April 12 - 16, 2024 at Fashion Hall, 1st Floor

Siam Paragon, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, through the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Cultural Promotion, presents a holy water ceremony to enhance blessings during the Songkran Festival. Visitors are invited to pay homage to ancient Buddha statues from the National Museum, Bangkok, enshrined at Siam Paragon. Showcased also are demonstrations of traditional Thai are and crafts such as aromatic water, flower garlands, Thai desserts, and traditional talcum application. This provides a great opportunity for both Thai customers and tourists to experience the beauty of Thai culture. Furthermore, limited quantities of blessed water from nine temples are distributed to participants.

  • Songkran Festival photography exhibition from April 9-16, 2024 at Fashion Gallery, 1st Floor

Siam Paragon, in collaboration with OPPO and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, presents the "OPPO Amazing Thailand Portrait Gallery" exhibition. The exhibition portrays the beauty of the cherished Thai tradition of Songkran - registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO at the end of 2023. These photographs were captured by OPPO smartphones.

  • Experience the 21st-Century Mor Lam music from April 12 - 16, 2024 at SCBX NEXT STAGE

Mor Lam music represents the top performing arts in the Northeastern region of Thailand. Experience the joy of Thai culture with contemporary Mor Lam music of the 21st century, promising vibrant performances throughout the Songkran Festival. These performances feature leading bands that perfectly blend traditional Thai musical instruments with international rhythms, creating globally-renowned music genres. The ensembles include THE HYMMAPAN ELECTRON, PARADISE BANGKOK, RATTANAKOSIN BREAKIN CREW, and ASIAN SONIC FORCE.

  • A Collaboration with TikTok to create fabulous content and chances to win special prizes from April 12 – 16, 2024

Siam Paragon, in collaboration with TikTok, celebrates an extraordinary Songkran festival. TikTokers are invited to create their Songkran-themed VDO contents, dressing up in traditional Thai attire to support the country’s soft power at the landmark area in Siam Paragon including CreatorHousebyTikTok on the 4th floor and Lobster Wonderland by Philip Colbert with hashtags #Songkran2567 #Creatorhousebytiktok #SiamParagon for a chance to win exclusive prizes from TikTok and special souvenirs to celebrate Songkran from Siam Paragon. This contest runs from April 12 -16, 2024.

  • Unbeatable privileges and promotions to fulfill the summer!

Siam Paragon offers promotions during the Songkran Festival with the Super Holiday Deals from April 11- 16, 2024. Spending over 20,000 Baht or 18,000 baht for KBank credit cardholders will receive 1,000 ONESIAM Coins (limited to 200 redemptions per day). OneSiam KBank credit card members can enjoy great savings with Shopping Ten Thousand, Getting Ten Thousand Back campaign when paying with the card at participating stores within Siam Paragon from March 22 to April 28, 2024. Earn up to a maximum of 42,000 K Points when shopping every Friday to Sunday at participating stores (limited quantity). Additionally, receive an extra one-year free parking card by shopping at participating stores with an accumulated spending of 350,000 Baht or more throughout the campaign (terms and conditions apply).

Experience the world-class collaboration at the grand Songkran festival, featuring The Lobster, a new exclusive version!! Alongside a full-scaled entertainment extravaganza, as well as culturally enriching activities at the “Siam Paragon Ultrasonic Water Festival 2024, Songkran Lobster Wonderland by Philip Colbert," from April 9 to 16, 2024 at Siam Paragon. For more information, please contact 02-610-8000 or follow us on Facebook: SiamParagon.

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