New York's ROBERTA'S Pizza Debuts in Thailand
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New York's ROBERTA'S Pizza Debuts in Thailand

ROBERTA'S, celebrated for its wood-fired pizzas and vibrant ambiance, opens its first Thai branch at Siam Discovery, bringing Brooklyn's finest flavors to Bangkok.

Siam Discovery, the Exploratorium, reaffirms its position as a leader in innovative thinking by inviting everyone to explore, create, and cultivate endlessly. It offers a unique experience with the launch of ROBERTA'S, the new American-style pizza restaurant from Brooklyn, New York. Established in 2007, ROBERTA'S is renowned for its wood-fired pizzas and hipster vibes. It has expanded from humble beginnings to include 10 restaurants across New York and branches in Los Angeles, Nashville, Miami, and Singapore. Now, the celebrated wood-fired pizza brand from Brooklyn is set to open its first branch in Thailand on the 3rd floor of the Flavor Lab at Siam Discovery.

Roberta's stands out by emphasising three key aspects: high-quality ingredients, affordability, and providing a great dining experience. This ensures that their pizzas and various menu items consistently maintain high quality while remaining reasonably priced.

Recently, at the beginning of April, the New York Times ranked the top 100 restaurants in New York City for the year 2024. Among them, two restaurants under the Roberta's umbrella secured positions as Best Restaurants in New York, with BLANCA ranking 2nd, and Foul Witch ranking 53rd. This recognition represents a significant accolade in the American food industry.

For the exciting launch of Roberta’s first branch in Bangkok, renowned chef Carlo Mirarchi, co-founder and Michelin-starred chef, graced the opening event with his presence at Siam Discovery. Roberta’s offers a full-service dining concept with menus for both lunch and dinner. In the afternoon, they serve sliced pizza, suitable for students and young people. Guests can enjoy delicious food in a warm ambiance reminiscent of Roberta's style, with seating for up to 65 people. The restaurant's décor reflects the trendy Brooklyn style brought to Bangkok.

The Bee Sting pizza and its original version are highly recommended as must-tries. Other essentials include homemade stracciatella cheese with bread, tender pork ribs, and beef tail pasta. Must-try drinks include lemonade and Arnold Palmer.

Additionally, Roberta's Art Program brings art from Brooklyn to Bangkok, showcasing works by renowned artists within the restaurant. This Bangkok branch features works by American artist Jason Woodside and Spanish artist MURFIN. Moreover, Thai artists such as Artty Rock and Anar have been selected to display their works here, with plans to rotate and showcase them in Los Angeles and New York in the future.

Experience the unique taste of Bangkok's first Roberta's located on the 3rd floor of the Flavor Lab at Siam Discovery. Follow us on Instagram at robertaspizza_asia for more details.

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