Lampang's Unique Songkran 2024 Celebrates Cultural Heritage
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Lampang's Unique Songkran 2024 Celebrates Cultural Heritage

Lampang Province showcased its distinctive Songkran traditions, emphasising cultural preservation and global appreciation during the vibrant 2024 festivities.

Lampang Province marked the "Salung Luang, Klong Yai, New Year of Nakhon Lampang 2024" with a vibrant display of its unique cultural identity, showcasing traditions not found elsewhere and passed down through generations. The festivities included the procession for the Salung Luang Ceremony and the Theppabutr-Theptida Salung Luang contest. This celebration also recognised UNESCO’s declaration of “Songkran in Thailand” as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Events took place at Museum Lampang, Wat Pong Sanuk, and Khuang Nakhon Public Park on April 7th and 13th, with a grand opening ceremony on April 10th featuring a spectacular light and sound show and a performance by Lanna artist Aom Rattanang.

Numerous important Lampang traditions were observed. The Salung Luang ceremony involves filling a salung (container) with holy water from the 13 districts and Som Poi turmeric water, followed by a parade around the city to be used for pouring on the Phra Kaew Don Tao, the Buddha Statue of Lampang. Other highlights included the Klong Pu Ja or Klong Yai (worship drum) ancient tradition, a Klong Pu Ja competition for the royal trophy of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother, the Theppabutr-Theptida Salung Luang contest, and Chum Phra and Pa Weni Buddha processions.

The event emphasised the conservation of Lampang Province’s local culture as well as the promotion of its beautiful cultural heritage to people worldwide, leaving a lasting impression on tourists who visited the Songkran Festival in Lampang this year.

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