Ronitron and NESG Launch Green Energy Initiative
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Ronitron and NESG Launch Green Energy Initiative

Ronitron and NESG Collaborate on Biochar, Green Hydrogen, Green Naphtha, and SAF Production with CPF, RG, SEMS, and CHO

Ronitron Company Limited (RONITRON) and Nex Energy Systems Global Limited (NESG) have officially entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF), Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Company Limited (RG), Systems Engineering Management & Service Company Limited (SEMS), and Chothavee Public Company Limited (CHO).

This strategic partnership aims to jointly spearhead the production of Biochar, Green Hydrogen, Green Naphtha, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) using cutting-edge technology.

The MOU signing ceremony, which solidified this significant collaboration, featured Mr. Supakin Somsri, CEO of Ronitron Company Limited (RONITRON), and Mr. Chaowalit Jangchai, CEO of Fintechinno Company Limited (FTI), representing RONITRON. Additionally, Mr. Peerapong Krinchai, Head of Engineering from CPF, Mr. John Ullmann, Founder, and Mr. Wayne Mitchell, Business Development Director from NESG, participated.

RONITRON is committed to becoming a global provider of green energy, highlighted by its pioneering use of advanced technology and cost-effective green energy solutions. The company recognises the crucial role of green energy in enabling manufacturers and power producers to achieve their Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Emission goals.

To enhance the value of its green energy projects, RONITRON is partnering with FTI to develop a robust Carbon Credit Management System. This strategic initiative positions RONITRON as a leader and potential "EnergyTech Unicorn" in the green energy supply sector across the Asian region.

On April 3, 2024, at SC Park Hotel, Mr. Peerapong Krinchai from CPF, Mr. Supakin Somsri from RONITRON, and Mr. Wayne Mitchell from NESG convened to explore the feasibility and potential uses of NESG technology. This technology can transform chicken manure into sustainable fuels and products such as SAF, green hydrogen, and green naphtha, while promoting carbon sequestration and generating revenue from carbon removal credits (CORC) in the form of biochar. This collaboration aims to establish a sustainable business model and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Mr. Krinchai emphasised CPF's commitment to becoming "The leading sustainable kitchen of the world". Committed to food security and responsible environmental and societal governance, CPF focuses on efficient energy management and increasing renewable energy usage across its production processes. CPF continuously seeks alternative technologies and green energy solutions to achieve its carbon neutrality and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. This partnership is expected to significantly mitigate climate change impacts and actively contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This collaboration provides CPF with an excellent opportunity to leverage its agribusiness and food production expertise, RONITRON's clean energy specialisation, and NESG's advanced German technology that efficiently converts waste into valuable sustainable fuels and products. This initiative will reduce fossil fuel usage, enhance energy security for the company and the nation, and create sustainable impacts on the environment and communities.

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