"FIREBRIGHT, the Front runner of Electric Vehicle Swapping, Shines at Bangkok International Motor Show
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"FIREBRIGHT, the Front runner of Electric Vehicle Swapping, Shines at Bangkok International Motor Show

The highly anticipated 45th Bangkok International Motor Show (Motor Show 2024) was held with great success at the IMPACT Muang Thong Thani Exhibition Center in Bangkok from March 27 to April 7, 2024!

Looking back at this year's Motor Show, themed “Mobile Joy Experience: Enjoying Every Journey”, it showcased the convergence of automotive technology and lifestyle, offering visitors an unprecedented automotive cultural feast. The main highlight was the display of electric vehicles (EVs), with a total of 47 automotive brands participating, including 35 traditional automotive brands and 12 EV brands such as BYD, Aiways, AION, FIREBRIGHT, Chang’an, NETA, HONRI, POCCO, NEXPOINT, and VINFAST, all pioneers in the electric vehicle industry.

Among the many EV companies, FIREBRIGHT stood out as particularly unique, showcasing the company's comprehensive solutions based on multi-brand, multi-model development of swappable electric vehicles, shared and standardised universal multi-engine battery packs, and fully automated swapping stations (energy service station). This acclaimed showcase garnered significant attention among various automakers, attracting interviews from renowned automotive media and tech bloggers such as AUTOLIFE THAILAND.TV and DriveAutoBlog. Not only did Southeast Asia witness the display of swappable electric vehicles for the first time, it was also shown the only shared battery pack and swapping facilities system that covers multiple models & brands of passenger and commercial vehicles in EV industry. Local visitors also discovered that FIREBRIGHT's swappable electric solution can delay or reduce the significant investment required for grid upgrades in Southeast Asia to meet the recharging needs of electric vehicles.

Pioneering Green Mobility

FIREBRIGHT is the first swappable electric vehicle company to enter the Southeast Asian market, setting itself apart from other electric vehicle companies in the industry. FIREBRIGHT's swappable model is more flexible and adaptable to various green travel needs. In addition to the advantages of swappable solutions already summarised in the industry, FIREBRIGHT's independently developed modular swappable solution has also addressed the biggest pain points in swapping, possessing unique and crucial advantages. This achievement has enabled the realisation of a “One for All, All for One” shared swapping station and shared battery pack, compatible with multiple brands and model vehicles within the shared swapping ecosystem.

When executives from FIREBRIGHT Thailand were interviewed by DriveAutoBlog at the exhibition hall, the flexibility and stability of the battery system was emphasised. "Each battery pack, managed by Super BMS, can work independently or collaboratively, significantly enhancing the reliability of the vehicle system. Moreover, the maintenance costs are lower, the lifespan is longer, and they can be reused many times continuously." Therefore, FIREBRIGHT's EASY EV total solution -- through shared standardised battery packs plus swapping stations, unique high safety margins, high reliability design,-- aims to build a more optimised and sustainable ecosystem, making it more adaptable for large-scale implementation, rapidly covering various vehicle scenarios and needs with higher resource efficiency. Each aspect of this ecosystem has clear, credible, and sustainable profit expectations, attracting many potential business partners during the exhibition.

Flexible Travel Choices

At this motor show, FIREBRIGHT showcased four vehicle models including electric passenger cars, electric light trucks, and the flagship product: an electric pickup truck. Among them, the electric pickup truck and electric light-duty truck were introduced for the first time in the industry in a swappable format, with the pickup truck being the first to determine battery capacity based on range. The flexible design of the battery capacity offers users two choices: one emphasising range by demand, allowing users to choose the number of swappable battery packs and swap times, and the other focusing on battery capacity by demand for on-demand electricity use.

In a world increasingly pursuing sustainable development and clean energy, FIREBRIGHT's presence at the Bangkok Motor Show signifies a significant step in promoting eco-friendly travel and technological innovation. This event not only showcased the latest models and technologies of FIREBRIGHT's electric vehicles but also conveyed the company's vision and commitment to future travel methods for the public, actively striving to provide a highly efficient, convenient, low-carbon, and joyful travel option for the people.

Practitioner of Social Responsibility

The executives from FIREBRIGHT Thailand revealed that the company planned to build local car and battery pack factories, as well as energy services via operating battery swap stations. The company is looking forward to working with local partners, so to build a true green ecosystem in the Thailand and the South East Asia.

FIREBRIGHT is deeply aware of the responsibilities that companies hold in social development. The company emphasises its commitment to environmental protection, aiming to support the development of local environmental projects. Through community engagement activities, FIREBRIGHT is dedicated to raising public awareness of clean energy and sustainable lifestyles.

Furthermore, FIREBRIGHT plans to expand this model to more cities and regions in the coming years, contributing to global sustainable development efforts. The company will continue to focus on developing more clean energy technologies and intelligent transportation solutions, collaborating with global partners to collectively build a greener, smarter, and more sustainable future."

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