BMA Saves 141 Million Baht in Waste Management
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BMA Saves 141 Million Baht in Waste Management

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced a budget reduction of 141 million baht, attributing it to the "No Pouring In" waste management project. This initiative was showcased during a visit to the Khlong Toei Market area to review services managing 18 tons of vegetable scraps daily.

Mr. Aekvarunyoo Amrapala, BMA Spokesperson and Assistant Secretary to the Governor of Bangkok, along with the Director of Khlong Toei District, visited the area to observe the waste management processes. The visit highlighted the complete cycle of food waste management, from collection to compost production at the On Nut Waste Disposal Centre. The compost is then distributed for use in parks.

Previously, the BMA spent over 16 billion baht annually on waste management. However, last year, the BMA achieved significant savings of over 141 million baht. This budget can now be allocated to other essential services.

Mr. Amrapala emphasised the importance of citizens separating their waste at the source to ensure the continued success of the "No Pouring In" project.

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