NVI Evaluates Achievement of National Vaccine Security Act.
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NVI Evaluates Achievement of National Vaccine Security Act.

A hybrid conference gathers feedback to refine vaccine initiatives, guiding NVI's future framework for public health.

National Vaccine Institute (NVI), led by Cherdchai Tantisirin, Vice Minister for Public Health, hosted a hybrid conference to evaluate The achievement of the 2018 National Vaccine Security Act. The conference was attended by over 70 honourable guests, including members of the Committee and Subcommittee from NVI, executive board members from all departments of the Ministry of Public Health, expert teams from the Vaccination Research and Development Network, representatives from vaccine manufacturing and import networks, the procurement sector, the Department of Local Administration, and public and private vaccination service units.

The conference was held on April 24, 2024, at the Pramern Chandavimol Room, 1st Floor, Building 1, Department of Disease Control. National Vaccine Institute’s aim was to gather feedback from all relevant parties to improve and develop responsibilities, operational frameworks, and plan for the next phase of the institute's missions in alignment with national contexts and requirements.

Dr. Nakorn Premsri, Director of National Vaccine Institute, presented the outcomes resulted from the implementation of the 2018 National Vaccine Security Policy and Strategy. Additionally, the Result Chain and Roles of NVI in the ecosystem, as provided by TRIS Corporation, were reported to evaluate the benefit-to-cost ratios, aiding in the enhancement of public organisations established under specific Acts. This information, supported by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission, was presented to the delegates to provide insights before giving feedback.

The conference successfully met its goals with cooperation from all relevant stakeholders and networks. The feedback received is expected to help National Vaccine Institute establish operational frameworks, according to the law, that address national challenges in the next stage, ultimately benefiting the country.

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