Greenmoons and Laiye Unveil Smart Automation in Thailand
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Greenmoons and Laiye Unveil Smart Automation in Thailand

Unlocking Comprehensive System Management Capabilities across all business levels, supporting growth without worrying about increased personnel and management costs

Greenmoons Co., Ltd., a leading startup specialising in digital transformation and web and app development, has now partnered with Laiye to introduce Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to the Thai market. Laiye, globally renowned for AI automation, excels in integrating robotic systems with intelligent automation (RPA+AI). This collaboration aims to transform Thai businesses into the digital age.

The key to business survival today lies in the adaptability and the strategic implementation of technology needed to reduce time, labour, costs, and errors while boosting productivity, efficiency, and revenue. RPA stands out as an essential innovation in simplifying routine tasks such as document processing, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and impactful work. RPA is extremely suitable for businesses of all sizes that handle extensive data entry or high volumes of data throughput. Additionally, RPA helps minimise repetitive errors, enhances security, and enables businesses to scale beyond traditional limitations to new levels of growth.

Enable utilisation of full potential and reclaim time for positive organisational growth

For instance, RPA can process transactions ranging from 3,500 to 10,000 per hour with an accuracy exceeding 90%, a feat beyond human capabilities within the same period. Greenmoons’ RPA not only enhances operational efficiency immediately but also serves as a principal assistant, supporting flexible business growth. Moreover, it can potentially reduce labour costs by up to 50%, proving indispensable for companies aiming to optimise efficiency and reduce expenses concurrently.

Achieving Over 83% Workload Reduction with Data Accuracy Perfection 

A Lenovo case study in Japan and Hong Kong showcases our RPA's prowess, handling over 83% of orders with 100% precision. Similarly, AstraZeneca utilised RPA in their chatbot systems, comprehensively addressing over 82% of inquiries and halving operational costs.

Another case study comes from AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical giant that integrated RPA with its chatbot system. The implementation resulted in the chatbot covering over 82% of inquiries and reducing operational costs by up to 50%.

These examples highlight the transformative impact of RPA on operational efficiency and cost reduction. Just as importantly, RPA can be utilised across various organisational sectors and business types, including customer service, finance, data management, accounting, IT, human resources, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, government agencies, and more. 

“We at Greenmoons are thrilled about this collaboration. Bringing Laiye's RPA solutions to Thailand, we are drawing on our extensive experience working with various entrepreneurs to introduce smarter ways of doing business. Our comprehensive management system is fast, accurate, and secure. The RPA solution doesn’t just automate tasks; it empowers businesses to adapt and grow in today’s rapidly changing world. We are ready to help businesses increase productivity while reducing time and costs,” said Ukrit Karoonkorn, Chief Commercial Officer of Greenmoons.

“Marking a pivotal alliance with Greenmoons, Laiye takes a momentous stride in introducing its advanced technology to Thailand. Our expertise combined with Greenmoons' astute strategies amplifies the efficacy of our intelligent automation solutions, tailored to the dynamic requirements across many business sectors in Thailand," expressed Ms. Cherry Chen, Vice President and General Manager of Southeast Asia Business at Laiye.

Greenmoons’ RPA, tailored to any business model and size, can be deployed within 2-4 weeks at a competitive price.

Greenmoons offers complimentary consultations for all types of entrepreneurs. For those interested, the Greenmoons RPA team, powered by Laiye, can design and implement a customised RPA system within just 2 to 4 weeks, depending on process complexity. In comparison, other platforms may take 3 to 6 months or even longer.

Features distinct advantages, the Greenmoons RPA solution, powered by Laiye, is ideally suited for companies seeking rapid operational enhancements at a competitive cost, making it affordable for various business scales and types.

For a free consultation, contact 02-252-9990, email, or visit the Facebook page: greenmoons.

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