Eversense Launches New Roll Ons and Perfume Mists
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Eversense Launches New Roll Ons and Perfume Mists

Eversense invites you to let your confidence shine in your own unique way with the launch of two new products: Eversense Intensive Roll Ons and Eversense Made My Day Collection Perfume Mists.

What makes us women happy is having confidence and feeling good about ourselves. Eversense, a market leader in products for young women, has enhanced its appeal with its distinct scents under Neo Corporate Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading consumer goods company committed to developing products that give women the self-confidence they need to shine in their own unique way.

Eversense has recently launched the "Make Me Shine" campaign, presenting two of its latest products: Eversense Intensive Roll Ons and Eversense Made My Day Collection Perfume Mists with improved fragrances and premium quality to meet the needs of teenage and working-age girls. As a way of revealing its latest products, Eversense presenter ‘Bow’ Maylada Susri will be showcasing the new products with shining confidence and the charm of Eversense's unique scent, inviting everyone to be a part of the event in the midst of an energising atmosphere on Monday, 13 May 2024, at the Eden Zone, Level 1, CentralwOrld.

Sirisupa Ajsonjorn, Chief Marketing Officer of Neo Corporate Public Company Limited, reveals the launch of the new Eversense products with the aim of improving youth products, both conceptually and in terms of product development, to be comparable with well-known global brands in order to make their customers shine with confidence in every aspect.

“Eversense is a popular brand among teenagers aged 12 to 18. As the target market matures, Eversense is looking into providing high-quality products that satisfy their needs in terms of appearance and functionality. Additionally, it gives customers a clear impression that Eversense is a brand that always pays attention to their needs, while still maintaining a focus on the concept of boosting confidence with the creation of a unique scent that enhances every woman's confidence and appearance,” she added.

Neo Corporate has developed a new innovation for perfumes that can be combined with other scents and enhanced to last up to 8 hours on the skin. This innovation is the result of the company's excellent product development and research, directed by Nitchamon Thakolsri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Business Innovation of Neo Corporate Public Company Limited, and an R&D team of scent experts. Additionally, the company has unveiled new premium mass roll-on products that boost protection and improve the appearance of underarm skin within three days. This includes using Duo Anti-Odour Technology, the company's own patent designed to satisfy the needs of Eversense's target group and helps protect body odour for up to 72 hours with its fruity floral scent that leaves a fresh and charming feeling, helping to boost confidence throughout the day.

The highlights of the Eversense product line for 2024 include a premium perfume product line that retains a bright, confident, active, and diplomatic experience, as well as a roll-on product line designed to eliminate body odour and sweat that is efficient, upfront about the concern, and provides results.

New! Eversense Made My Day Collection Perfume Mists: Make each day more interesting with a new perfume mist available in three unique scents. The first is Full of Love (pink packaging) which has a fresh and sweet scent that is evocative of fresh roses, making it ideal for a sweet and angelic girl. The second is Glamour Shine (purple packaging) which has a

charming magnolia scent, making you feel like a fashionable and confident woman. The final scent is Wonder Fun (blue packaging) which has a wonderful daisy smell that exudes charm and zest like that of an attractive and energetic woman.

Eversense Made My Day Collection Perfume Mists can be blended to suit any mood, making you feel fresh, attractive, and confident. Simply mist and blend two scents together to create a whole new scent; distinctive aromas that enhance your confidence and suit your daily mood. Additionally, create a distinct scent that lasts for up to 8 hours and includes vitamin B5 which moisturises and softens your skin. The package comes in a handy 25ml capacity and is priced at 65 Baht.

New! Eversense Intensive Bright Roll On: Girls can now confidently raise their arms to reveal radiant skin with the new Eversense Intensive Bright Roll On containing 100X Vitamin C extract from Kakadu Plum, helping underarms look whiter in three days*. It contains Duo Anti-Odour technology which helps protect against sweat and body odour for 72 hours and PHA to help exfoliate dead skin cells. This instantly resolves the issue of dull skin and restores vitamin B to make freshly applied skin more radiant than before. Being alcohol-free makes it gentle on the skin and maintains underarm softness. The package comes in a 40ml capacity and is priced at 90 Baht.

New! Eversense Intensive Protection Roll On: Using Duo Anti-Odour technology to double the strength of sweat suppression while shielding the body from odour for 72 hours. Light in texture, rapidly drying, skin-friendly, and alcohol-free. The package comes in a 40ml capacity and is priced at 90 Baht.

Let your confidence shine in your own unique way by using Eversense Intensive Roll Ons and Eversense Made My Day Collection Perfume Mists. Now available at all leading department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, online stores and LINE @NEOdealDD. Follow for additional details and fun activities at Eversense Thailand on Facebook and Instagram: eversense_thailand.

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*Results of the testers' satisfaction survey: in December 2023, 87.5% of respondents said their underarm skin appeared brighter after three days.

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