PAT Celebrates 73rd Anniversary, Announces Growth
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PAT Celebrates 73rd Anniversary, Announces Growth

Deputy Minister Manaporn Charoensri led the Port Authority of Thailand's 73rd anniversary, which highlighted a significant net profit increase and substantial contributions to health and sustainability projects.

The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) held a ceremony on the 73rd anniversary of its founding, donating 36 million baht to the Chaloem Phrakiat project and announcing an operational profit net worth increase of 25.34 percent. PAT is motivated to advance potential initiatives that will propel the national economy forward and is committed to continuing its green port policy for sustainability, establishing goals to manage areas for the benefit of all sectors.

The Ministry of Transport, led by Deputy Minister Manaporn Charoensri, presided over the PAT's 73rd anniversary. During this occasion, 36,720,400 baht was donated to support the procurement of vehicles for a gynaecological cancer screening unit for the Kanchanabaramee Foundation. This was part of a royal ceremony to celebrate His Majesty the King's 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary on 28 July 2024, aimed at supporting at-risk women and the underprivileged in remote areas to receive early-stage gynaecological cancer screening free of charge.

The donation was received by Dr Somyos Deerasamee, President of the Kanchanabaramee Foundation. This gynaecological cancer screening unit procurement project is one of the nine royal projects initiated by the Ministry of Transport.

Furthermore, PAT has allocated funds to support public charity activities, contributing 1,500,000 baht to Somdej Phra Yupparat Kranuan Hospital, and donations of 300,000 baht each, totalling 3,000,000 baht, to Wat Don Sai and Wat Don Sai School, the Catholic Association of Thailand, Idarul Mina Mosque, the PAT Elderly Club, and the PAT State Enterprise Labour Union.

At the event, PAT invited external departments to contribute to the charity funds for Kranuan Crown Prince Hospital instead of giving congratulatory gift baskets. The event also saw the participation of Chayatan Phromsorn, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Chairman of the PAT Committee, alongside Ministry of Transport executives, the PAT Committee, Kriengkrai Chaisiriwongsuk, Director of PAT, the PAT management team, PAT employees, representatives of public and private agencies, service users, stakeholders, community leaders, space tenants, and the media at the PAT Arena, a gymnasium building.

"PAT is recognised as a significant organisation aiming to drive the country's economic system forward by increasing capability through the provision of excellent logistics services and the employment of technology. Services are adapted to save procedures, time, and reduce logistics costs. Furthermore, PAT's commitment to advancing as a green port means the environment is a crucial focus, conducting decarbonisation of port activities. Implementations include the installation of solar energy systems on the roofs of warehouses and buildings in the Bangkok Port area, promoting the use of electric vehicle cranes to support clean energy, and reducing dust particles in the area. However, the rapid changes in today's world challenge PAT to adapt in order to keep up with the transformation by creating new business models while continuing to develop the commercial space for maximum benefit and comprehensiveness, aiming to become a modern port city with the goal of increasing potential to support maritime business logistics, transportation, and tourism, along with improving the quality of life among communities surrounding the port."

The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) has established a policy to create new business models and related activities to increase service potential and respond to the needs of importers and exporters, transforming Bangkok Port into Thailand's major hub. Bangkok Port is promoted as a service centre, together with private ports developing into Chaophraya Super Port to increase service efficiency and is recognised as a logistics development centre in collaboration with the private sector. The Bangkok Port Free Zone is also supported to create added value from businesses and activities related to products, with expected revenues of 6-7 million baht per year from the plan's implementation.

Additionally, the capacity expansion plan is designed to support containers, warehouses, and distribution centres in the future, including the project to develop the western port into a Semi-Automated Container Terminal and the project to develop the distribution centre and the Multimodal Transport & Distribution Centre.

Ongoing work in accordance with the Seamless Transport policy includes the Dry Port in Khon Kaen Province. The development aims to transform the port into a regional logistics centre to reduce congestion problems from transportation at the port while supporting growth in shipping via coastal ships and railways that will result from the Laem Chabang Port Development Project.

The Single Rail Transfer Operator Project (SRTO) at Laem Chabang Port, Phase 2 construction, is underway, along with a project providing traffic solutions in the areas of Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang Port as part of the development project for a route connecting Bangkok Port and the Bangna-At Narong Expressway (S1), so that cargo trucks can be released onto other expressways with speed. Other projects also include Truck Parking and electronic Truck Queuing at Laem Chabang Port.

The Laem Chabang Port Development Project, Phase 3, Part 1: Marine Construction Work is currently progressing as of April 2024, accounting for 27.25%. Part 2: Construction of buildings, piers, road systems, and public utility systems is currently in the process of following regulations to sign the contract. Part 3 involves railway system construction, and Part 4 deals with building machinery and is currently undergoing contractor recruitment to prepare bidding documents.

However, PAT has followed up and expedited the contractors to strictly carry out the plans without affecting other progress. The contractors must deliver and complete the entire project according to the contract period.

Furthermore, PAT also presents the development guidelines for regional ports in the Ranong Port area with the improvement of the infrastructure capacity and port services and facilities provision, with aims to promote transportation activities on the Andaman coast along with Landbridge support operated by the BIMSTEC Group and the economic potential development among the southern region.

For the Chiang Saen Commercial Port, PAT has implemented a project to promote the export of livestock that creates jobs and income for people and farmers in the area surrounding the port and Chiang Saen District according to government policy. Chiang Saen is expected to achieve its goal as the commercial port supporting income generation from project operations, targeting an increasing revenue of approximately 10 million baht per year.

PAT's overall market share is 85.21 percent, comprising the Deep Sea Port business which contributes a market share of 86.34 percent and the River Port business contributing 78.20 percent.

In terms of operating results during the 6-month period of fiscal year 2023 (October 2023 - March 2024), ships calling at Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang Port totalled 7,230 trips, an increase of 4.36 percent, goods passing through the port at 58.69 million tonnes, an increase of 4.85 percent, and containers passing through the port at 5.28 million T.E.U., an increase of 9.77 percent. These activities generated a net income of 8,607 million baht, an increase of 7.97 percent, and a net profit of 4,238 million baht, which marked an increase of 25.34 percent compared to the previous year.

In addition, PAT is ranked as one of the top 10 state enterprises generating revenue for the country. PAT is committed to increasing operational efficiency and continuing to develop the organisational capacity to achieve status as a leading port following international standards. PAT is urged to raise Thailand’s logistics industry to meet global trading standards through crucial port development projects, which account for mechanisms for driving the country's economy to grow together sustainably.

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