Phyathai Phaholyothin Unveils Holistic Healthcare Revolution
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Phyathai Phaholyothin Unveils Holistic Healthcare Revolution

The Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group launches "Phyathai Phaholyothin," a flagship hospital for cutting-edge patients providing a wide range of medical and lifestyle services.

The Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group is expanding its healthcare offerings to include all age groups while advocating an active lifestyle. With the launch of "Phyathai Phaholyothin," the goal is to promote medical services in line with consumers' shifting needs. Embracing the notion of 'It's Time for the New Age of Holistic Healthcare,' it delivers an unparalleled healthcare experience via digital transformation and innovation, with the focus on the patient. This ensures that healthcare is available anytime, anywhere, with professional physicians and centres of excellence. Adhering to global quality standards, it redefines healthcare under the brand Phyathai Hospital Group.

Mr. Att Thongtang, CEO of Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group, emphasises his commitment to medical technology and healthcare, ensuring staff readiness for customer benefit. "Phyathai Phaholyothin Hospital" launched under the concept of "It's Time for the New Age of Holistic Healthcare," ushering in a new era of better health for everyone.

"Phyathai 1, Phyathai 2, and Phyathai Phaholyothin (formerly Paolo Phaholyothin) Hospitals are collaborating to develop joint medical programmes and shared resource management standards. Adapting to evolving social dynamics and the needs of the health-conscious New Age demographic, Mr. Att explained the rebranding of Phyathai Phaholyothin Hospital, aiming to cater to this group with cutting-edge amenities."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Veeraya Paocharoen, Executive Hospital Director of Phyathai Phaholyothin Hospital, remarked, "The hospital aims to improve local healthcare by combining digital transformation and innovative services. For the New Age generation seeking quick and personalised care, we offer the Health Up app for at-home appointment scheduling and tracking, and 24-hour Telecare services, enhancing convenience for patients and medical professionals.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Veeraya said, "Phyathai Phaholyothin aims to shift its image from a sickness treatment-focused hospital to a health and wellness shopping destination. This rebranding reduces the patient load at Phyathai 1 and Phyathai 2, located along the Sukhumvit Mass Transit line. Both hospitals will collaborate on medical expertise and resources, offering hospitality-style services that will enhance medical care for all ages and increase efficiency.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Veeraya continued on, "Phyathai Phaholyothin has developed five Centres of Excellence to enhance quality care with cutting-edge technology:

  1. Abdominal Surgery Centre: Provides modern laparoscopic surgery with minimal marks, less pain, and rapid recovery.
  2. Orthopaedic Institute: Utilises endoscopic spinal surgery and repairs for the shoulder, elbow, and knee joints, as well as sports injuries and joint replacements.
  3. Digital Dental Centre: Implements digital innovations in dental care.
  4. Let's Talk Centre: Offers mental health consultations and therapeutic activities in a safe, comfortable environment.
  5. Love Space Centre: Focuses on sexual health and provides consultations via Telecare.

Additionally, specialist centres like the Child Development Centre and the Comprehensive Health Check-up Centre promote well-being from childhood to adulthood.

“Phyathai Phaholyothin Hospital is committed to providing high-quality healthcare using innovative technology. We integrate experienced physicians' expertise with dedicated staff and meticulously chosen technology. This collaboration ensures excellent outcomes by emphasising 'value-based healthcare' and prioritising patient-centred care. Patients receive high-quality, cost-effective care under the Phyathai Phaholyothin standard,” summarised Asst. Prof. Dr. Veeraya.

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