China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Celebrates One-Year Milestone
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China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Celebrates One-Year Milestone

Reignwood Cultural Foundation event promotes China-Thailand cooperation in culture and economy.

Reignwood Cultural Foundation organised the significant event, "The 2nd China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Event of 2024," on the occasion of International Museum Day, marking the one-year anniversary of the inauguration of the "East-West Cultural Exchange Center" in Reignwood Park. This event unveiled future plans and aims to elevate cooperation in the healthcare industry, trade economy, and culture between China and Thailand, transforming a new dimension of China-Thailand development cooperation for sustainable growth. The event was honoured by the presence of Mr. Jakkapong Sangmanee, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister's Office, and Mr. Krisda Tanterdtit, Secretary to the Minister of Commerce, as well as representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, the Chairman of the Chinese Cultural Relics Association, and the Vice Chairman of China News Service. The senior management of the Reignwood Group warmly welcomed the attendees.

Mr. Krisda Tanterdtit, Secretary to the Minister of Commerce, gave a speech at the event, stating that ASEAN and China have a strategic partnership relationship in all dimensions - political, economic, social, and cultural. He mentioned that the Ministry of Commerce places great importance on promoting cooperation with various provinces in China and on strengthening economic cooperation to promote sustainable joint economic growth that benefits all countries in the region.

"The world is currently restructuring its trade patterns and relationships to become a form of cultural marketing, in order to transmit valuable cultures to various countries around the world. As the Ministry of Commerce is pushing Thailand's Soft Power policy in the areas of food, industries, and lifestyles, Thailand is confident that it can be an important strategic trade partner for China in the ASEAN region. This is because Thailand has a geographical advantage as the centre of the Greater Mekong Subregion and ASEAN, and can serve as a hub for trade, investment, and logistics in the ASEAN region. Therefore, if China and ASEAN have cooperation in cultural exchange, it can lead to the expansion of cultural exchange at the youth level, and the joint development of international educational standards, truly driving social understanding between the two sides," said Mr. Krisda.

Ms. Woraphanit Ruayrungruang, CEO of International Business, Reignwood Group, revealed that the East-West Cultural Exchange Center, situated at Reignwood Park, the world-class community for multigenerational living on Lam Luk Ka Road, Khlong 11, Pathum Thani, was officially inaugurated on 18 May 2023, and has been a significant venue for continuous cultural exchange activities.

Celebrating its one-year anniversary, the Reignwood Cultural Foundation hosted the "Exploring the Future through Cultural Heritage Transmission" event, titled "Museums Devoted to Education and Research." The objective is to promote the restoration and utilisation of ancient Chinese cultural relics, facilitating cultural exchanges between Chinese and Thai youth.

Highlights of the event include showcasing young people's interests and hobbies to deepen their understanding of traditional Chinese and Thai cultures. Selected artworks and works related to China-Thailand cultural exchanges will be showcased, and certificates of recognition will be awarded to "Reignwood Global Little Ambassadors."

Future plans include promoting economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand, strengthening cooperation with local governments and organisations, and expanding cooperation projects in various sectors.

Ms. Lu Zhan, Secretary-General of Reignwood Cultural Foundation, announced the special programme "Reignwood Global Young Ambassadors" which aims to select and train talented Thai-Chinese youth to become ambassadors promoting friendship between the two countries. Utilising AI technology for the first time, the event enhances interaction and participation, allowing more people to experience its charm.

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