Discover ‘The Way We Were’ Exhibition
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Discover ‘The Way We Were’ Exhibition

River City Bangkok presents a diverse group art showcase, celebrating art as a universal language from 25th May - 23rd June 2024.

River City Bangkok proudly presents ‘The Way We Were’, a group exhibition which will guide you to discover that art is truly a universal language. Regardless of its medium or how it is created, it always carries profound meaning. The exhibition portrays the stories of all 31 artists, each guiding you to encounter the individual essence of the art creators collaborating to craft the wonder in this showcase.

“Music and art are universal languages that transcend origins. Simply listening or observing can leave a lasting impression. The virtuous seek to discover the creators behind these works, just as travellers may inquire about professions or talents. Regardless of nationality, those who do not disclose their occupations or expertise may be perceived as ordinary individuals. Beautiful art is admired, while crude art is criticised. However, when artists create universal works that showcase their potential, worth, or identity, external judgments lose their significance.

We, a diverse group of artists from various backgrounds, come together to create what is known as ‘art’. We do not cling to our identities or origins. We become friends and learn to love each other with ‘art’ as our common link.” – Prateep Kochabua

‘The Way We Were’ is open from 25th May - 23rd June 2024 at RCB Galleria 4, 2nd Floor, River City Bangkok.

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