AEROTHAI Confirms Readiness and Capacity to Become Aviation Hub
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AEROTHAI Confirms Readiness and Capacity to Become Aviation Hub

AEROTHAI has confirmed its readiness to provide air navigation services in both normal and emergency situations, reaffirming its goal to drive Thailand to become an aviation hub.

Mr. Surapong Piyachote, Deputy Minister of Transport, said: “Referring to the case of Singapore Airlines flight SQ 321, which had to make an emergency landing in Bangkok on 21 May after encountering severe turbulence, AEROTHAI served this flight safely and efficiently in accordance with global standards. They timely cooperated with ground operations to provide necessary assistance. Subsequently, the Singapore Government and aviation organisations expressed gratitude to AEROTHAI. This reveals that Thailand efficiently provides air navigation services in both normal operations and emergencies.”

The Deputy Minister of Transport added: “While moving towards becoming a regional aviation hub, AEROTHAI aims to increase efficiency in air navigation services and capacity to serve the increasing number of flights. For example, the 24-hour operations of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Hat Yai airports, the design of parallel routes in addition to the current one-way routes, and the design and development of airspace structures, including inbound and outbound routes for airports with high air traffic complexity or Metroplex, categorised into three airport groups: Group 1 – Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, U-Tapao Airports; Group 2 – Phuket, Krabi, Andaman (Phang Nga) airports; and Group 3 – Chiang Mai, Lampang, Lanna (Lamphun) airports, which will enhance the air navigation infrastructure of the country. Moreover, advanced technology, such as the intelligent control tower system, data connection system, air traffic flow management, communication, and navigation systems, will be implemented to increase air navigation service efficiency. At the same time, AEROTHAI emphasises civil and military cooperation based on the flexible use of airspace and collaborates with aviation organisations to develop the aviation industry and drive the country to become an aviation hub of the region.”

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