GFAI Launches AI Solutions and Innovations
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GFAI Launches AI Solutions and Innovations

GFAI introduces LinguaBot, Barism, and Wish Note to enhance business efficiency and growth.

Guardforce AI Co., Ltd. (GFAI), together with GFAI Robotic Innovation and Solution (Thailand) Co., Ltd., held an exclusive interview titled “GFAI LUNCH AND LEARN: NAVIGATING THE AI ERA” to launch AI Solution Software and three latest innovations: LinguaBot, Barism, and Wish Note. These innovations are designed to meet the needs of a variety of businesses efficiently. GFAI also revealed that the business has grown 50% in the first quarter compared to last year, along with emphasising trends in the use of robots and AI in business that continue to grow in the global market.

Ms. Lei (Olivia) Wang, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Guardforce AI Co., Limited (NASDAQ: GFAI, GFAIW), an integrated security, AI, and Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) provider at a global level. Starting with a security business in 1982 and AI and robotics solutions in 2020, GFAI has over 42 years of experience in the security industry with a top-tier customer base and solid sales channels. GFAI therefore began to expand its potential to become a total AI solution provider with a strong foundation in the Asia Pacific region and to the global level in the United States as well.

“We are committed to providing service with the offer of top-notch integrated solutions to our customers and supporting them in achieving higher operational efficiency. Embracing the AI trend and robotics in their business is a crucial step. We are developing our business by integrating solutions in our portfolio. This vision has been the foundation of our business for over four decades. This allows us to grow steadily and continuously and be able to create innovations to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology world. We also aim to enhance business potential with solutions, especially AI solutions that help improve operational efficiency while promoting the image of the business at the same time.”

Ms. Olivia continued that over the years, the company has laid the foundation for the AI and robotics business, continually offering solutions that meet customer needs and developing solutions for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, real estate management, shopping malls, government offices, weddings, events, and exhibitions. GFAI integrates a cloud platform to expand the scope of AI development. When combined with the company’s strong foundation, it creates collaborative solutions within the whole company group. In addition, GFAI aims to develop a variety of AI solutions that suit the customer's business with a special focus on the retail and tourism industries.

“We laid the groundwork for our AI and robot business alongside continuing to operate the secured logistics business. One notable advancement is the introduction of Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS), or service robots, to help solve the problem of manpower shortage and increase operational efficiency by integrating robots into operations. We can reduce the burden of manpower and operational costs for our customers. In addition, our robots help to enhance the modern image of the business.”

“We have a wide range of solutions in the Thai market, for example, Hospitality Solutions: Reception robots are designed to relieve or replace the burden of reception staff with management functions of receiving queues and booking services, as well as giving directions. LED screens can also display advertisements for your products, services, and promotions. Food serving/delivery robots: suitable for restaurants, hospitals, or department stores that want to relieve the burden on employees in serving food or delivering products. This robot has been carefully designed to be able to walk in tight spaces easily and can walk with other robots at the same time. And finally, a cleaning robot: Spray Robot that has the ability to spray disinfectant to maintain hygiene in large areas. With the variety of solutions above, we have built a strong customer base in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, department stores, and the retail market.”

Ms. Olivia also revealed the new products, saying that this year the company has focused on two factors: expanding the customer base in the tourism and retail sectors to increase diversity, and developing solutions that help improve operational efficiency and reduce costs for existing customers. GFAI will integrate the cloud platform foundation and AI functions to improve the overall service. This is our strategic focus. The new solutions we're launching today will guide the future. And we firmly believe that the development of AI and robots is the new wave of business development.

“For the recently launched solution, we have partnered with iApp to develop AI software solutions that come with Chat GPT technology, named LinguaBot, to increase the robot's ability to speak and interact with customers. This solution can turn reception robots into salespeople. Our targets cover a variety of business groups, including restaurants, hospitals, hotels, zoos, government agencies, and many more. Next, we will bring to market the Barism software, which has been designed specifically to facilitate the activities between pubs/bars and customers for business development and additional income generation. Finally, Wish Note software can store and display messages in digital format, suitable for writing wishes at weddings or other celebrations. Wish Note will also help to create new experiences in tourism. The target group includes wedding planners, event organisers, and various tourist attractions.”

“We expect our new products to receive a positive response from the tourism and retail sectors. For LinguaBot, we are now conducting ongoing trials with a group of customers, and we have received good feedback. For Barism, many pubs and bars in Thailand are starting to try it, and we have received clear positive feedback that Barism has helped generate

additional income for the business. As for Wish Note, it is currently being trialled with a group of event organisers, and the response has been positive. We also plan to launch new features soon. We believe that the new products will help build the company's overall market value next year. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to gradually expand and customise solutions rather than mass-producing products. We are still in the process of fully analysing these three solutions. However, given our current robotics and AI customer base, we expect this business line in Thailand to grow significantly next year.”

On this occasion, Ms Olivia also revealed her vision for the next five years: “Our customers are top priority. With a strong customer base in the retail and travel industries, we are committed to developing additional AI and robotics solutions to better serve our customers. Currently, we are in the process of strengthening our research and development team to improve the intelligent cloud platform along with integrating the use of various AI solutions. These commitments will lead us to become a comprehensive AI solutions provider. Looking ahead to the next five years, we expect exponential growth in the AI sector. Our customers will be the ones who benefit the most from the solutions we provide.”

Ms Olivia also pointed out that the trend of using robots and AI solutions in business is still growing well in the global market, especially since the launch of Generative AI in 2023, which is believed to be an important accelerator for every business. It will also help the company to improve and upgrade solutions for customers. Guardforce AI has taken the first step by working with iApp and launching LinguaBot in Thailand. In addition, GFAI will continue to study, research, and develop the use of AI to deliver better solutions to customers.

Mr Kelvin Chu, General Manager of GFAI Robotic Innovation and Solution (Thailand) Co., Ltd., talked about the trends in the use of service robots and AI this year: “AI solutions and service robots in Thailand tend to grow continuously. In the first quarter of this year, our sales increased more than 50% compared to the first quarter of last year. Therefore, with continuous driving force, we expect strong revenue growth by the end of 2024.”

“Regarding the response to our new AI software product with Chat GPT technology, such as LinguaBot, we have projects with government agencies, zoos, and further trials in travel and retail. We have received a positive response. This reinforces the efficiency of reducing the burden on employees in providing general information to customers.”

“Due to the recovery of tourism, the hospitality industry has grown significantly, and Barism has been used in pubs and bars in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. We've received good feedback that Barism has helped generate additional income for businesses and greatly reduced redundant workloads for employees. Our Wish Note is gaining attention. It is popular among event planners and wedding organisers. Customers have given good feedback that our Wish Note helps add a fun atmosphere and creates new experiences at events,” concluded Mr Kelvin..

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