Experience the poignant art of Zhang Zhanzhan at River City Bangkok
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Experience the poignant art of Zhang Zhanzhan at River City Bangkok

“Isolation makes us tougher on the outside, but inside, our hearts remain soft and sincere.”

River City Bangkok is delighted to collaborate with ArtDepot to present the renowned Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Zhanzhan’s inaugural solo exhibition “Beyond the Last Miles” in Bangkok

The journey of life, often solitary and long, stretches endlessly before us. As we walk alone, we learn to find contentment in our solitude, our exterior hardening, yet our hearts becoming increasingly soft and sincere. Through his art, Zhang Zhanzhan captures fleeting moments within the river of time, encapsulating warmth, longing, hope, and resilience into a single flicker of candlelight in the darkness, guiding us back to past times and allowing us to quietly meet our former selves.

The Bangkok edition, co-curated by Serena Zhao, the founder of ArtDepot, and RCB's exhibition team, features both paintings and sculptures, including familiar figures and new works by the artist. Zhang Zhanzhan's artistic language is complex and diverse, with his latest creations maintaining the consistency of his personal aesthetic principles. On one hand, he

retains his signature cartoon style, while on the other, he deepens his compositions, colour schemes, and light arrangements inspired by classical masters.

Zhang Zhanzhan has always pondered the strength of expression, and in this exhibition, he boldly removes unnecessary decorative details, using a simple and concise artistic language to portray emotionally rich images. We cannot penetrate the serene expressions of the protagonists in his paintings to speculate on their stories, but their solitude is not lonely, subtly conveying warmth and happiness to the audience.

About the Artist

Zhang Zhanzhan is a Chinese contemporary artist. He was born in Chongli, China, in 1982 and graduated from the Nanjing University of the Arts. The sense of loneliness plays a great part in Zhang's work, and the way he communicates is through soft and concise touches, a symbolic red/black colour palette, and lovable yet silenced animal images. His works focus on depicting loneliness and related scenarios, constructing an empathetic experience that can be related to audiences living in modern society and allow them to introspect and reflect on interpersonal relationships.

Join us for “Beyond the Last Miles,” an exhibition that will make your solitude warmer than ever before. Open to the public for free from 6 July to 25 August 2024, at RCB Galleria 2, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok.


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