Yaowarat: Rising Star in Thai Health Tourism
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Yaowarat: Rising Star in Thai Health Tourism

Thonburi Healthcare Group champions Yaowarat as a key destination for health tourism, leveraging its cultural and wellness offerings.

Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Co., Ltd. (THG), led by Dr Boon Vanasin, the founder, along with Mr Jitti Tangsitpakdee, President of the Gold Traders Association, and Mr Visit Limprana, Executive Chairman of Nguan Soon Group, as well as the President of the Yaowarat Community, recently met for a meal and toured Yaowarat. They discussed plans to promote Yaowarat as a significant health tourism destination in Thailand.

Following the release of Lisa Lalisa Manoban's new music video "Rockstar," which featured Yaowarat Road as a filming location, the area has experienced a surge in popularity, attracting tourists worldwide eager to follow in the footsteps of the superstar.

This presents a prime opportunity to elevate Yaowarat, an iconic Thai-Chinese community and commercial district renowned for its distinctive cuisine, culture, and lifestyle, into a major health tourism hub in Thailand. The initiative aims to promote various activities such as enjoying famous street food, visiting temples for health-related blessings, experiencing spas, and purchasing Thai and Chinese herbal medicines.

Dr Boon stated, "Due to the impact of Post-COVID-19, the growth of wellness tourism has become a trend that many countries are promoting to meet the demands of travellers seeking to enhance both their physical and mental well-being. Thailand, with its rich tourism resources, must leverage these strengths through public and private sector collaboration to make health tourism a major revenue source in the future, aligning with current tourism trends."

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