Aura Wellness Partners with Bluebik for SAP S/4HANA Implementation
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Aura Wellness Partners with Bluebik for SAP S/4HANA Implementation

This collaboration aims to elevate Aura Wellness as a leader in the health and beauty industry through advanced digital transformation.

Aura Wellness, a lifestyle health and beauty business, has partnered with Bluebik, a comprehensive digital transformation consulting firm, to develop and implement SAP S/4HANA, the latest version of SAP's cloud-based business management software. This initiative aims to transform the organisation for the digital age, enhance the accuracy of data management, seamlessly integrate all departmental operations, and ensure high security. The implementation of SAP S/4HANA will be a crucial foundation for the exponential growth of the health and beauty business under the Aura Wellness group in the future.

Mr Jetbodin Prakoonsuksapan, Founder and CEO of Aura Wellness Group, stated, "The health and beauty industry is very competitive for market share. As a result, all business owners have to keep expanding and staying alert. To support the growth of our business and accommodate more customers, we provide services through more than 13 branches of Aura Bangkok Clinic across Bangkok and its metropolitan area. This has made us a market leader. We're also expanding into dietary supplements and spas. Using technology is crucial for a strong competitive advantage." 

"We have studied many ERP systems. From our research, we found that if a company wants to move forward quickly, it needs a system that can support massive business expansion. SAP S/4HANA is the foundational system that meets our growth needs. This system will provide a robust infrastructure to ensure all business processes run smoothly and accurately, supporting rapid expansion," Mr Jetbodin added. 

In addition to selecting the appropriate system, the team responsible for developing and implementing the structure, as well as customising the system to align with Aura Wellness's business needs and goals, is also crucial. Considering their experience in digital transformation and specialised expertise in system development, Aura Wellness decided to collaborate with Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK) and SAP, investing in system development. 

Mr Pochara Arayakarnkul, CEO of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), revealed, "Bluebik is greatly honoured to have gained the trust of Aura Wellness in developing a system to drive their future business growth. Currently, internal resource management is a crucial factor for business expansion. Therefore, an efficient ERP system will serve as the foundation for the business to operate effectively, manage data and finances better, and drive significant growth in the future." 

Mr Warat Laithong, ERP Advisory Director of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, explained that from experience in developing SAP systems, SAP S/4HANA will enable Aura Wellness to significantly enhance cross-business visibility within its group, whether it's in the beauty clinic, dietary supplements, or spa businesses. This new system can reduce document preparation time, streamline accounting closure processes, and enhance operational flexibility in backend processes. Furthermore, it can utilise internal Big Data for processing and analysis, and initiating further business innovations and new ventures. 

Ms Kulwipa Piyawattanametha, Managing Director of Indochina Region at SAP Thailand, revealed that SAP Thailand is delighted to collaborate with Aura Wellness in choosing the ERP Cloud solution and Grow with SAP. This collaboration reaffirms SAP's commitment to introducing innovations and technologies that foster stable growth for businesses in Thailand and the region. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition solution will enhance business agility across all units and subsidiaries and enable precise real-time data analysis for accurate decision-making empowered by AI when leveraging SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with various internal systems and processes within the organisation, such as HR management systems, sales systems, accounting systems, and product management systems. This flexibility allows for future-proofing with adaptable models. 

This collaboration is a crucial step for the health and beauty industry. Bluebik and SAP will potentially support Aura Wellness in internationalisation. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition will swiftly receive and manage data, reduce management costs, enable accurate performance measurement, and support adaptation to today's technological competition. 

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