Stipends due to 16m applicants

Stipends due to 16m applicants

B5,000 handouts to run for 3 months

Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana
Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana

Some 16 million out of the 24 million registrants for a monthly stipend of 5,000 baht have been approved as recipients and are in the final consideration process after the application period closed.

There were as many as 28.8 million registrants, but 4.4 million repeat applicants had been removed as of midnight of April 22 when the application period ended, said Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana.

Of the 24 million applicants, 1.7 million were rejected because they failed to pass identity authentication based on the Provincial Administration Department's database.

Of the total 22.3 million applicants who passed the ID authentication process, 16 million were either approved to receive the subsidy or are in the final screening process, and the remaining 6.3 million were rejected, Mr Uttama said.

Some 4.2 million denied applicants were farmers who will receive financial aid by other methods, 1.1 million were salaried workers covered by the Social Security Fund's Section 33, and 950,000 cancelled their applications.

Mr Uttama said 10.6 million out of the 16 million registrants have been handed the 5,000-baht freebie or in the money transfer process, leaving 5.4 million under the final scrutiny process.

Of the total 10.6 million, 7.5 million are those who received the money during April 8 to 29, 480,000 will get the handout on April 30 and the remaining 2.6 million by the first week of May.

Those who get the cash handout next month will receive the stipend for April and May, he said.

Registrants can check their application status on the registered website from April 29 onwards.

The 5,000 baht in monthly handouts for three months is part of the government's relief measures mainly intended for workers or self-employed people who are not in the social security system under Section 33 and are affected by the virus outbreak.

The cabinet last week approved raising the number of recipients for the handout to 14 million from 9 million, bringing the budget to 210 billion baht.

The Finance Minister urged 1 million applicants whom additional information is required to accelerate submitting the data, while state officials are visiting 3.5 million who made appeals to verify information.

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