String along with May-T

"Thru Air On Key Strings" by May-T Noijinda. (Photos courtesy of Subhashok Arts Centre)

Celebrated Thai musician May-T Noijinda shares his inner workings with the "Thru Air On Key Strings" exhibition, which opens today from 6pm at Art Centre Bldg, Subhashok The Arts Centre, Sukhumvit 39.

With more than 25 years experience playing lead guitar for Moderndog, one of the country's most popular alternative rock bands, May-T is taking on a new challenge. This is his first foray into the world of sound art installation, taking him well beyond his comfort zone.

In "Thru Air On Key Strings", May-T has come up with a sound art design experience which aims to break away from recognised standards of art and music. The show utilises sound as a primary medium to create experimental outcomes, removed from the traditional scopes of entertainment and listening experiences.

Inspired by the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and American composer John Cage, a pioneer of sound art, May-T has developed his own approach by mixing ambient sound, animal noises and movements with piano, bells, and a range of traditional and electronic musical instruments.

May-T's careful arrangements involve using up to 25 speakers, each operating independently. Different loops play notes in different speakers continuously on the chromatic scale. Because the loops are of different length, once the piece begins they overlap and the piece evolves to eventually create harmony. The result is an experimental listening experience unlike any other.

"Thru Air On Key Strings" by May-T Noijinda. Subhashok Arts Centre

"Thru Air On Key Strings" runs until Dec 15, 2019 at Art Centre Bldg., 2nd floor, Subhashok the Arts Center, Bangkok. For more information, contact: or tel. 02 662 0299, 02 258 5580 ext. 401.