H&M places spotlight on young role models

"Adults are not always good role models." "Adults are very careless." "I feel like they need to be more considerate about our future." "I want my generation to enjoy the environment."

These are some remarks from children from various countries who appear in a thought-provoking short film released to mark the launch of the H&M Role Models initiative.

The new platform will find and empower young role models to make progress on social equality, sustainability, education and other issues.

"We're ambitious in our goals to make business more equitable and sustainable so the world is better for future generations. Part of that is making the decision to amplify the voices of role models who are making a difference today: kids," says Pascal Brun, global sustainability manager at H&M.

The fashion brand has partnered with double Oscar-nominated director Bryan Buckley to make a film, which highlights small and big initiatives to better our planet.

For instance, 11-year-old Ryan loves to recycle.

"Recycling can save the planet,'' he says. "I recycle cans, bottles and glass so animals won't eat it, get sick and die."

When he was five years old, Brazilian João Paulo wrote his first book about three kids and their space travel in a rocket made of recycled materials.

H&M believes that kids are more informed, engaged and capable than ever before and the world needs to embrace their optimistic, collaborative and free-thinking spirit.

Through the H&M Role Models initiative, the brand will bring forward, champion and tell the stories of young changemakers from around the world.

To join the movement, go to hm.com/kids and nominate a remarkable role model. Later this year, the brand will spotlight its efforts and create awareness of how the broader community can join in their work.

The goal is to not only showcase the impact these kids are making but also support their causes through proceeds from a new line of more sustainable clothing inspired by the youngsters and developed by the H&M Kids design team.

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