A tale of wood carvings and love

A tale of wood carvings and love

A tale of wood carvings and love
'The Moonlight Exhibition' by Chanathip Chuenbumroong. (Photo courtesy of Central The Original Store)

Stories of love, happiness, nostalgia, loneliness and hope are portrayed through wooden toys and paintings during "The Moonlight Exhibition" by Chanathip Chuenbumroong at Central: The Original Store, until Oct 22.

This is a wood carving exhibition by Chanathip who has over 14 years' experience in wood carving and has been teaching his craft to others for the past seven years. Inspired by his fascination with Japanese characters, he has carved wooden toys to reflect his inner emotions including his daily thoughts and moods.

On display are more than 70 beautifully carved wooden pieces and 80 paintings. They represent the story of his signature character -- Fat Fox, a hopeless romantic fox that is enchanted by the constant glow of a girl named Moon. However, he's never able to grasp or possess her light.

His obsession with Moon's mesmerising glow causes him to constantly gaze longingly upon his unrequited love from the shadows. Just as we are unable to capture the moonlight in our hands, these tales serve as a reminder that there are facets of existence and living that transcend beyond the visible and material.

Anyone who has been secretly in love with or is hopelessly crushing on someone can come and feel what it's like to be Fat Fox, who has always secretly admired Moon's radiance but is incapable of ever reaching her at this show.

Besides the wooden toys and paintings, a unique Gashapon vending machine is available for art aficionados to collect special character models.

The artist will also conduct an exclusive workshop for those interested in carving wood into simple shapes on Sunday from 10am to 6pm. No experience is required. The fee is 3,500 baht per person.

Central: The Original Store is on Charoen Krung Road and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

Visit facebook.com/central.theoriginalstore.

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