Artists reflect on humanity's impact on Earth
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Artists reflect on humanity's impact on Earth

Artwork by Pannaphan Yodmanee. (Photo courtesy of West Eden Gallery)
Artwork by Pannaphan Yodmanee. (Photo courtesy of West Eden Gallery)

Three Thai artists have joined hands to show their perspective on the negative impact humanity has on our environment during "Anthropocene", which is running at West Eden Gallery, until Aug 11.

Possibly referring to the 39th epoch of planet Earth, the Anthropocene is an epoch when the effects of human activity started to have significant impacts on Earth's geology, landscape, limnology and ecosystems.

In this group exhibition, the artists use different media such as painting, video art installation, and printings to show the impact of humans such as war and pollution on the environment and other life forms, and finally also on ourselves.

Pannaphan Yodmanee combines objects, natural elements such as rocks and minerals, and painted elements that recall traditional Thai art and architecture. Through her abstract works, she also explores Buddhist philosophy and cosmology.

As a conceptual artist, Phornphop Sittiruk creates sculptures and installations that require craftsmanship. He chose objects and materials in his daily life primarily with consideration of their original meanings to then add on meaning. That's why, his works have been largely influenced by his own experiences.

For Prasert Yodkaew, his work is the culmination of efforts to comprehend the transformations in nature and the environment brought about by human actions. It delves into the challenges faced by slum communities, where individuals are directly impacted by the alterations in nature stemming from underlying issues in social structures. These issues have led to abnormal changes in the natural environment.

West Eden Gallery is on Sukhumvit 31 and opens Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm.


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