Experience the unseen at Bangkok Kunsthalle
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Experience the unseen at Bangkok Kunsthalle

(Photo: Apaisuwan,Samatcha)
(Photo: Apaisuwan,Samatcha)

Art viewers are invited to explore the void through the art of the unseen during "Nostalgia For Unity", which is running at Bangkok Kunsthalle until Oct 31.

This groundbreaking exhibition features the work of acclaimed Thai contemporary artist Korakrit Arunanondchai, offering visitors an immersive artistic experience that fosters a sense of interconnectedness.

Touching on the subject of negative space, the show evokes the viewers' experience of absence. The artist considers the intangible entity that resides in his work to be a "Phoenix", with the script acting as a barrier between "things that are accepted" and "things that cannot be mentioned", which connect different dimensions of time between "people" and "things that are not seen", emphasising the importance of silence and scripts that speak of the unspoken.

These thoughts are like powerful energy, sparking conversations about the fragility and the brink of existence itself.

The hallmark themes explored in this exhibition include the overlapping of beginnings and endings, decay and rebirth, and the relationship between individual enlightenment and shared spirituality.

The history of Bangkok Kunsthalle, formerly a Thai Wattana Panich building, inspired Korakrit in his childhood before the building caught fire in 2001. He envisioned this building as a body that decays with time. His presentation is analogous to making a new heart for the original body using what remains inside the building.

The exhibition brings together an installation shaped like a stage-like mass of substance, mantras are etched into the floor, and light is filtered via stained glass and smog. The show brings back recollections of the colours of air pollution found in science fiction and present reality.

Bangkok Kunsthalle is located on Maitri Chit Road. The exhibition is open for public viewing Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 8pm.

Visit facebook.com/BangkokKunsthalle.

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