Creative new experiences

A DIY tutorial on how to make a herbal compress ball. (Photo courtesy of YouTube Channel: Santiburi Koh Samui)

Experience-driven and carbon-neutral retreat Santiburi Koh Samui in Surat Thani presents a series of new experiences for people to enjoy from their homes that complement the resort's Len programme, a creative concept that allows everyone to discover individual happiness.

Via a new virtual reality innovation, travellers can teleport themselves from home to the five-star resort that was certified late last year by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation for cutting the amount of carbon it emits and successfully offsetting the rest and has just received a 2020 Green Hotel certification from the Thailand Department of Environmental Quality Promotion.

To do so, they just need a VR headset from any brand and watch the VR video, available on Santiburi's YouTube Channel. For those who do not have goggles, they can still experience the property in 360 degrees via a smartphone and the same video.

The Len programme will teleport guests straight from their sofa to visit the 23 acres of lush greens, 300m-long beach, gigantic centrepiece pool and villas and suites, including the Reserve, a private residence within the resort.

The resort has also posted DIY tutorials on how to create Thai-inspired herbal compress balls and how to fold bath and hand towels into a lucky elephant, with more episodes coming to its YouTube.

In Thai, len means "play", and this initiative comprises a choice of activities that enable each guest to follow their personal path and curate their stay.

Check out the YouTube channel Santiburi Koh Samui or visit