K-culture moves in on podcasts

Entertainment content from South Korea is still popular among Thai audiences, but aside from dramas, movies and game shows on Netflix, VIU and YouTube, people may want to try audio programmes. Here are two programmes that are available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify.

Korseries Podcast. (Photo courtesy of www.korseries.com)

Korseries Podcast

This weekly programme is hosted by Soft, Lookwa and Air. Soft is the founder of website Korseries.com which provides content about Korean dramas. A professional writer, Lookwa runs her own page @bluesherbet_ on Twitter and Facebook which tells stories about Korean history and entertainment. Air works with a cosmetic surgery clinic, Agafar, which has 11 branches in Seoul.

The first episode of the Korseries Podcast launched on Dec 25 is a review about the TV drama True Beauty and includes discussions about Korean perspectives in the past and present about beauty and cosmetic surgery. The three female hosts promised to discuss several topics related to Korea including movies, food, art, culture, economics and technology.

How Did I Get Here?. photo courtesy of DIVE Studios Podcasts

Dive Studio Podcast

Dive Studio Podcast is a community of K-pop singers who are English native speakers. The channel offers several entertaining English programmes including K-pop Daebak by Eric Nam, Get Real by BtoB's Paniel, Kard's BM And Ashley Choi, and How Did I Get Here? by Day6's Jae and Alexa.

At K-pop Daebak, Eric Nam, who is a singer and an experienced TV host, hosts a casual, but informative interview with celebrities and behind the scene people in the K-pop industry.

Get Real is a discussion between three friends about various issues such as the impact of social media and family issues.

On How Did I Get Here?, Jae and Alexa chat about unusual topics such as who invented chopsticks? And can I survive a zombie apocalypse?

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