Come learn about the state of being 'in-between' through art

Picnic by Hiroko Hongyok. photo courtesy of River City Bangkok

Japanese artist Hiroko Hongyok will inspire us to look at the Covid-19 pandemic in a new light during "The Dance In Between", which is running at River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24 until March 14.

Through her artistic works, Hiroko presents her perspectives on the "in-between" state that refers to a state or a position in the middle of two things.

Being in this state is like walking into a desert without a compass. Surrounded by nothing but sand, we find ourselves feeling lost, uncertain and insecure. An overwhelming feeling of fear takes over when this state involves our aspirations, dreams, career and relationships.

In a similar sense, the coronavirus outbreak has forced us to enter a collective state of in-betweenness. However, we can choose how we react to it -- worrying ourselves with what is out of our control or, instead, looking up and learning to cherish the unknown.

As a consequence and an ode to these uncertain times, the exhibition invites viewers to interact with the ambiguity of "neither black nor white" of Hiroko's abstract paintings in a playful yet thought-provoking manner.

Growing up familiar with the teachings of Zen, Hiroko's practice is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic ideal of "Ma", which is defined as "the space between objects, the silence between sounds, and the stillness between actions".

She represents this concept through abstract forms that play deliberately with the boundaries of dichotomies; hovering in between expansion and contraction, revealing and concealing, inside and outside, movement and stillness.

Like dancing, she invites the audience to discover this "in-between" state and enjoy every moment of life.

There is no admission fee. However, due to Covid-19, the exhibition is open with a limited capacity of 10.

Visit or call 02-237-0077/8.

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