Volunteer doctors join hands to provide Covid-19 advice on Line

(Photo courtesy of Thai CoCare)

"Am I infected with Covid-19?", "How can I know whether I'm infected or not?", and "Which drugs should I take now?".

These are common questions people might have amid concerns about the third wave of Covid-19, which has seen an alarming surge of infections caused by the clusters in Bangkok and other provinces over the past few weeks.

We have come to realise that the virus is closer to us than we think and many people are worrying if they are at risk and wonder what they should do if infected.

Access to necessary information is very important, especially for infected people during self-quarantine waiting for medical treatment who have nowhere to turn to for counselling since most medical personnel at hospitals have their hands full with the rising number of infected patients.

That's why a team of volunteer doctors and medical staff have joined hands to come up with an easy way for them to get useful advice and also provide encouragement.

The Line Official Account:@cocare, which was launched last Friday allows people to post their questions and wait for answers from professionals. The operating time is daily from 8am to 10pm, however, staff will try to answer questions that are sent outside this timeframe as quickly as possible.

The goals of this Line account are to create understanding and reduce anxieties of people in society with correct information about the disease and to offer moral support to infected people who might be feeling alone and hopeless.

This non-profit volunteer project was initiated in the form of CoCare application after the first outbreak of Covid-19 in Thailand in March last year. The team has returned with a new channel for Line users over concerns that the current Covid-19 situation will remain critical until the middle of June.

So far, the team comprises around 80 volunteers including doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, physiotherapist, a radiology technician and a public health scholar. All of them are working with all their hearts and don't accept donations. More medical volunteers are also welcome to join.

Add Line OA: @cocare or visit facebook.com/ThaiCoCare.

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