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(Photos courtesy of 333 Anywhere Art Gallery)

When artists like Phaphat Seenaem, Pongpon Preechanon and Kongpop Benjanirat bring their artwork under one roof, expect a display of phenomenal art.

While taking different approaches to their art, one element ties them together and that is their fresh approach towards their work, which can be seen in their latest exhibition titled "NEXT -- My1st Solo Exhibition".

The exhibition, housed at 333 Anywhere Gallery, runs from today until June 8.

What makes the event all the more special is the fact that the trio are at the peak of their careers with each making waves in the contemporary art scene. Their artwork may seem different but it shares the core value of thinking outside the box.

From the three, it is contemporary artist Phaphat who reflects his personal ideology on life, the environment, society and culture onto the canvas.

He takes his audience on a journey of self-reflection where you get to question beliefs instilled in you from childhood. He uses the human body in his artwork to convey these messages. To actually grasp the message, one needs to approach with an open and curious mind.

Pongpon puts a twist in his works by representing emotions that humans struggle to verbalise.

In his work The Bucket Boy, he attempts to create the idea "what does not kill you makes you stronger". To do this, he pulls nuggets of knowledge from Thai idioms and adds a touch of personality and character to it.

He shared how at the beginning when he thought about bucket boy, he instantaneously thought of a Thai idiom.

"Bucket over the head for Thais means that they feel so shameful they wouldn't dare meet anyone. So, I suspect that if you have a bucket over your head, then will it make the shame go away for you. And if so, does it justify you not needing to feel embarrassed or judged by society for your actions? I like to start a discourse on thought-provoking subjects."

Last but not least is Kongpop Benjanirat who has a desire to showcase Hollywood celebrities from the 90s in a different light by highlighting their individuality from the various roles they have played through the decades. These are actors that inspired generations of acting talent.

Kongpop uses his special artistic techniques to highlight each actor's emotions in the roles we remember them best for.

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From left, Pongpon Preechanon, Phaphat Seenaem and Kongpop Benjanirat.

A piece by Phaphat Seenaem.

Kongpop Benjanirat's creation.

Art by Pongpon Preechanon.

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